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Website Analysis and Auditing

Need to analyze your entire website for errors and possible improvements? You can spell check, improve internal linking, validate HTML and CSS, verify all pages have Google Analytics installed and more with A1 Website Analyzer.
Get started checking your sites: Download A1 Website Analyzer now
  • The trial is fully functional with a 30 days evaluation period.
  • Free product support before and after purchase.
  • No subscription costs for using version 8.x.
  • Price is only $69 for a single user license.
  • Download file size is only 6.12 MB.

Runs on
  • Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2008 / 2003
  • Mac - macOS / OS X - Yosemite or newer

When you decide to buy A1 Website Analyzer, remember that the purchase covers all 8.x releases + if version 9.0 is released within one year of your purchase, you are eligible to a free 9.x upgrade.
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Complete Website Audit and Link Checker Tool

  • See titles, meta, canonical, custom search, response codes, HTML errors etc.
  • Comprehensive link checker tool to solve all broken links and redirects.
  • Quickly find and filter duplicate URLs, titles, descriptions and headers.
  • Optimize internal linking to focus link juice on pages you want indexed.
  • For reporting, simply configure visibility of data columns and export the data.
Download our website analysis and link checker tool to:
  • Analyze your entire website to find website and crawler problems.
  • Enjoy the free website analyzer 30 days trial which is fully functional.
This is by far the most useful, fastest tool to collect information on a site-wide basis. I grab for this whenever there's *real* work to do.

Ruud Hein - ruudhein.com
I would encourage any professional SEO to give A1 Website Analyzer a try.

John S. Britsios - seoworkers.com

Website Analysis and Link Checking

Uncover important website problems:
  • Anchor text: Inspect anchor text from internal links for all pages in your website.
  • Broken links: Check for broken links, redirects, canonical references, meta refreshes and more.
  • Keyword content analysis: Detailed page-by-page and sitewide keyword content analysis.
  • HTML and CSS errors: HTML/CSS validation ensures pages are crawled and shown correctly.
  • Character sets and MIMEs: If a page outputs this wrong, it can cause various indexing problems.
  • PageRank sculpting: Analyze how internal link juice flows to important pages you need to rank.
  • Page META and titles: Check if all page titles, headers, descriptions and keywords are unique.
  • Canonical and robots: See which URLs are canonical, noindex, nofollow, robots excluded etc.
  • Custom search: Search and check all pages for custom text and code, e.g. Google Analytics.
  • Spell check: Check websites for spelling errors using a variety of spell checker dictionaries.
  • File size: Optimize bandwidth usage and download time caused by large pages and images.
  • Response and download time: Stress test webserver with multiple concurrent requests.
  • Import log files: See pages crawled by Google and find orphan pages.

To get started on using all these tools, see our complete guide on doing site and SEO audits.

Check Broken Links and Redirects with Link Checker

The website link analysis tools in our program is able to discover broken links and file references in all HTML and CSS files. You can even have the link extractor of the crawler engine include Javascript code when it searches for and extracts links. Depending on configuration, redirect and link checking can include references to all file types, e.g. documents, images and videos.
After completing website scan, you are shown all found URLs in a tree like Windows Explorer. This allows you to quickly find and solve all broken links and redirects. You can view detailed information on all found items. Need to understand howcome a page with error 404 not found response code is listed? Our program can show you all places that use, link or redirect to it.
A1 Website Analyzer is a complete link checker solution. Unlike online link checker tools, this allows testing websites located anywhere including localhost, internet, local file system, and local area network. There is no fixed limit on pages, links or URLs you can check. Even budget computers using our website analysis and link checker software can handle well above 100.000 pages and millions of links.

Analyze Website and Internal Link Juice Distribution

Internal links is an important factor for search engine indexing and ranking. If you can improve the Internal linking structure to focus on important pages with your products and quality content, it can give you an important boost in search engines.

This process was in the past commonly referred to as PageRank sculpting by people in the search engine optimization and website marketing industries. At the time, it was widely used to avoid leaking link juice on outgoing links to low-quality websites by tagging them with the nofollow instruction. These days, it is all about making sure your website distributes link importance to the important pages in a natural way.
We consider our tool unmatched when it comes to optimizing internal link juice flow for PageRank sculpting. Experiment with different internal linking structures (e.g. website navigation and content topic silos) or nofollow internal and outgoing links to quickly see how it effects the way internal link juice is distributed within a website.
A1 Website Analyzer can show how all pages:
  • Links to internal.
  • Links to external outgoing.
  • Linked by internal URLs.
  • Calculated importance score.
  • Scaled importance score.
The importance score weighs the strength of all links and pages within a website. This means a link gives more juice if it originates from a highly linked page that contains few links. The scaled score is logarithmic and have values in range 0..10.

Website Analyzer, Link Checker and HTML Validator

  • Program can integrate with your favourite online SEM, SEO and website analysis tools.
  • Website scan can CSS validate and HTML validate all pages in your website for CSS and HTML errors.
  • Performance and stress test your entire website by configuring crawler behavior and max load options.
  • Automate website scans. Automation support through command line parameters and Windows Task Scheduler.
  • Data collected from website scans are saved or can be exported as XML or CSV. Perfect for website data mining.

Get A1 Website Analyzer Now

If you have a feature request or need support either before or after the purchase, please contact us. We usually respond within 12 hours.
If you are looking for a quick solution - you can also check our index of help pages and tutorials.
You can order A1 Website Analyzer online. We offer a 30 days satisfaction guarantee to make your purchase risk-free.
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Website Analysis and SEO Report Services

During customer support over the years, we have seen and helped resolve a variety of website and SEO problems.

If you already know how to optimize websites for both search engines and users, we simply recommend you try our software.

However, if you are just getting started working on your website, we can help you by providing you a report of specific recommendations on how to improve your website usability, search engine crawlability and search engine optimization.

Webmaster Tools Suite

A1 Website Analyzer can share project files with its sibling tools:

Pre-Sale and Post-Sale Questions

  • License: User licensing, license files and unlocking the software.
  • Purchase: Support, satisfaction guarantee and updates.
  • Billing: VAT information and how to retrieve your invoice online.
  • Installation: How to to install and uninstall the software.
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