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Scrape Data from Websites into CSV & SQL

Scrape websites to extract data for use in webservices and similar. Mix and mash scraped website data to create new and innovative mashup website services or data analysis tools. Filter which URLs to scrape data from and generate CSV and SQL files ready to be imported anywhere including into SQL databases.
Download now for Windows and Mac:
  • The trial is fully functional with a 30 days evaluation period.
  • You can continue to use free mode after the trial runs out.
  • Price: $0 for free / $49 for professional.
  • Free product support before and after purchase.
  • No subscription costs for using version 11.x.
  • Download file size is only 8.54 MB.

Runs on:
  • Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2019 / 2012 / 2008 / 2003
  • Mac OS X / macOS 10.8 Mountain Lion or newer

When you decide to buy A1 Website Scraper, remember that the purchase covers all 11.x releases + if version 12.0 is released within one year of your purchase, you are eligible to a free 12.x upgrade.
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Note: Need to download complete websites or images? Try A1 Website Download instead.
Free mode Trial and paid
500 page URLs per website No fixed limit
  • All options to control website scraping
  • All in free mode
  • Command line support
  • Automatically add .sql to MySQL / MSSQL database
Free $49 USD - buy now

Extract Data With Website Scraping

Using a website scraper to extract data can be useful to a wide range of tools and services:
  • Scrape and mashup website data, e.g. travel, hotels, weather and stock quotes.
  • Integrate scraped website data for various data analysis algorithms and tools.
  • Grab product and inventory lists and link to them from your own website.
Scraper - website crawler:
  • The website crawler features lots of options. e.g. for filtering URLs.
  • Adjust the speed of crawling to accomodate your needs versus server load.
Scraper - data extractor:
  • Supports using multiple regular expressions to match and extract the data you want.
  • Comes with examples and various tools to help you analyze and create the necessary regular expressions.
Download our website scraping tool and:
  • Get started extracting data with website scraper today.
  • View scraped website data as CSV and SQL files ready to be imported anywhere.
  • Automate adding data and import of generated files into a database on each scheduled run.
  • Comes with a fully functional free 30 days trial.
Check the tutorial to get started using our website scraping software.

Get A1 Website Scraper Now

Our free support includes all the help necessary, so you can get started extracting data from websites into CSV files.
If you have a feature request or need help either before or after the purchase, please write us.
You can order A1 Website Scraper online. We offer a 30 days satisfaction guarantee to make your purchase risk-free.
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Sibling A1 Webmaster Tools

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Pre-Sale and Post-Sale Questions

  • License: User licensing, license files and unlocking the software.
  • Purchase: Support, satisfaction guarantee and updates.
  • Billing: VAT information and how to retrieve your invoice online.
  • Installation: How to to install and uninstall the software.
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