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If you have questions regarding anyhing related to legal, privacy or cookies, be sure to read this page and contact us for further information if necessary.


Micro-Sys reserves the right to change or update information at any time on this or any other page found on the website.

There can be inaccuracies and errors in this text, e.g. typographical. In cases where any part of the text seems unclear, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

If a downloadable item on this website is accompanied by, belongs to, or contains a separate license, the information found in it takes higher precedence than the comparable found here.


Content (including code, products, articles etc.) located on this website is copyright of Micro-Sys. Places where any 3rd party content is linked, mentioned or featured somehow, take note that such content is copyright their respective owner(s).

Privacy Policy Statement

We do not ask for any personal information unless you perform an action where it is required such as signing up for a newsletter, joining our forum or buying one of our products.

Personal data usage:
  • Upon purchase, we will keep your contact information.
    Example: If you loose your license key and need another.

  • If you write a message, some information is kept.
    Example: Email address is used as validation in forums.

Visitor and/or anonymous data usage:
  • We may, sometimes through a 3rd party service, collect data.
    Example: We use statistics to improve our website.


Under no circumstances will Micro-Sys, or the people owning Micro-Sys, be liable to any party for any direct or derived damage caused in any kind of connection with this website, its contents, or any of the sites linked to including, but not limited to, loss of data and/or lost profits, even if we have been expressly informed of the possibility of such damages.

Linking and Redistribution

We do not mind, instead we appreciate it, if people mention Micro-Sys and/or link to our website. The same goes for redistribution of those of our products where the license allows it. Read the license included with the given product for further information.

Sending Data to Us

We do not wish to receive confidential, proprietary, or illegal data. We will regard received data as not belonging to any of such categories. By sending us data you agree to this and grant us the right to freely use the data in any way we see fit.

Visitor and User Generated Content

We strive to keep our forums and other places with user generated content free of content that violates laws including copyrights. Should you ever find or suspect some user generated content on our website(s) not to be within above mentioned endeavour, please inform us.


Here is an overview of cookie usage on the following websites operated and owned by Microsys.

URL Description Microsys cookies Website cookies External cookies
https://www.microsystools.com Our software and services. Rarely no CBAL
https://webhelpforums.net Webmaster tools support. no Forum login CBAL
Other... Other small or test websites. no no CBAL
Do notice that if you are logged into your Google account, it seems to influence how Google applies various technologies. (That at least seemed to be the case when we tested e.g. Google Adsense.)

Do notice you may have entered a separate agreement with Google when you created an account there.

Some sites with more information and various opt-out tools for Google Adsense and similar:

  • CBAL: Can be all listed underneath.
  • CBWF: Can be some we forgot or are unaware of.
  • GAS: Google Adsense
    • GAS_IBS: Show interest based ads.
    • GAS_3PN: Show 3rd party network ads.
  • GAT: Google Analytics
  • SFB: Social / Facebook
  • STW: Social / Twitter
  • SGP: Social / Google Plus
  • SLI: Social / LinkedIn
  • WPS: Wordpress Stats
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