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In case portions of this text seem unclear, have inaccuracies or have omissions, do not hesitate to contact us for clarification. The primary contact for all questions regarding this document is Thomas Schulz.

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Linking and Redistribution

We do not mind, instead we appreciate it, if people mention Microsys and/or link to our website.

The same goes for redistribution of those of our products where the included license allows it.

Sending Files, Information and Other Data

We do not wish to receive anything confidential, proprietary, illegal or otherwise restricted. If you send us files, data or information, you vouch for that it does not contain anything of the above.

By sending us data you agree to this and grant us the right to freely use the data in any way we see fit.
To get a complete understanding of our privacy policy, data collection and cookie usage see:
  • Our Privacy Policy, Data Collection and Cookies: Information about our own privacy policy, data collection and cookies usage.
  • 3rd Party Services and Partners: The 3rd party services we use and implications concerning data collection, cookies and privacy.

Our Privacy Policy, Data Collection and Cookies

Data Collected

Data We Never Receive, Collect or Keep:

We do not ask or store sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers and social security numbers.

Data We Keep Offline:

Customer information retrieved from online sales and most company email correspondence is by default stored on encrypted disks in our computers and encrypted backup disks. By using encrypted disks the intent is that given a basic physical theft scenario - our data on storage will not have been compromised. Our computers also prompt for password if left unused for a short time.

Access to this data is limited. In day-to-day operations this includes the owner and a few "backup" persons in case the owner is indisposed.

Data is mainly order and customer information such as email address, phone number and address, but it can also include additional data including:
  • Comments - e.g. originating from customer support.
  • If the person who bought the software actually bought on behalf of another person.
  • If we have already asked the customer if he/she is interested in receiving our newsletter.

Data We Keep Online:

No personal identifiable information such as address, email address, phone number or similar is kept on-line.

Instead we use license IDs that are stored online together with order related data that does not expose any personal identifiable information. This includes information such as the product version, edition, upgrade status, date of purchase and similar.

We can safely store this on a non-public accessible, but non-encrypted, database on our web host without compromising privacy. At the same time we can still use it for looking up if a license ID is eligible for a free or paid upgrade.

Note: A license ID is not the same as the license itself or the physical license file.

Why We Collect and Keep The Data We Do:

We generally only ask for and store personal information when you perform an action that requires or benefits from it:

  • If purchasing one of our products, we will keep all the contact information.
    Examples on why: We can help customers who:
    1. Loose their software license file/key and need another - we have had customers request this after many years.
    2. We can help customers upgrade to newer versions - we have had customers request this after many years.

  • As a general rule we keep most emails sent to us.
    Example on why: We can see if we have helped a user in the past with a problem.

  • If your company uses one person for purchasing (e.g. if your company has a designated person handling all purchases), but later identifies another person as the designated user, we will keep information on both.
    Example on why: We need to handle and keep billing information, but we also need to be able to provide product support.

  • If you are a customer and contact us from multiple email addresses requesting support or similar - we will keep and associate those email addresses to your primary email address.
    Example on why: We can see if we have helped a user in the past with a problem.

Further examples on how data like the above can be applicable in helping customers:

  • Your company has lost track of which licenses you own, and who bought them and when. This is e.g. necessary to know if you wish to transfer existing licenses within your company, wish to upgrade licenses or want to make sure anti piracy and accounting laws are obeyed.

Your Data Rights:

  • Receive a copy of your personal data.
  • You can have incorrect personal data corrected.
  • You can have personal data deleted/anonymized to the degree we are not required to keep it by law (e.g. bookkeeping), there is a contractual necessity or other legitimate interests.
  • Under all circumstances: If you have important personal information deleted/anonymized related to existing licenses, products or services you will forfeit support, upgrades and all other obligations we may have related to any such products or services we have provided to you.
  • Note: If there is specific personal data you want to have removed from certain services - e.g. our newsletter - you can usually do so yourself. You can also contact us and specify more precisely what you want deleted/anonymized.
  • Note: To locate all the personal data related to you - please make sure to provide the necessary information, so we can locate your data - e.g. all the email addresses you have used when contacting us.
  • Please email us for all requests related to your personal data. If you are not satisfied, you can also contact the Danish Datatilsynet.

If There Is Any Personal Data Breach:

  • We will assess the breach and move ahead with the following points when required.
  • We will attempt to contact the supervising authorities within 72 hours.
  • We will attempt to contact all possible affected people to the best of our ability in a timely manner - usually through email. If we are unable to do so, we will attempt to communicate the incident trough other channels such as social media.
  • We will attempt to contain and address any security problem as quickly as possible.


This website does not load any cookies except:
  • Website functionality technical cookies used by the YouTube video player. (We use the privacy enhanced mode. See below for more information.)

Our Software Running on Windows and Mac

Our tools may query our website to check if a license ID and/or its subscription is valid. No other data than the license ID itself is passed in the website query.

Note: A license ID is not the same as the license itself or the physical license file.

Our Mobile Apps Running on Android and iOS

Our apps may download public data from our website such as general information, news and similar. We do not store any data about or made by the app user. By default all such data is stored on the phone itself.

3rd Party Services and Partners

Social Share

  1. To increase awareness of our products, we have links on our website which makes it easier to tell people about our products. If you click one of these you are taken to our social page.
  2. Here you will find links for sharing content to Facebook, Twitter, Google and other. These are normal links that do not themselves load any cookies, off-site images or other resources that enable tracking.
  3. First here, and only if you click one of these links, you are taken to a share page originating from the selected social platform - and with it most likely cookies as well.

FastSpring for Handling Sales

Our Windows and Mac software sales are - unless agreed or shown otherwise - run through our reseller FastSpring. During the checkout process you are asked for the necessary information to handle sales. We get a copy of the order and customer data including country, address, company name, person name and email address, so we can provide the license and upgrades. However, we do not receive, process or keep e.g. credit card number or similar sensitive data.

MailChimp for Newsletter

People can sign up for our newsletter currently being run using the MailChimp service and storage. There you are asked to provide name and email address. We may move our newsletter contact list to other services in the future.


If the need arises we may try to phone a customer instead of email. One example may be we need to fulfil an order, but the customer has supplied a wrong or defunct email address.

Google YouTube for Embedded Videos

We embed videos using the enable privacy-enhanced mode option which adds a no cookies instruction to the video embed code.

Google Ads (Google Adwords) for Ads

  • Used to advertise and increase sales.
  • We have not installed or use any tracking code, cookies or similar on our website.

Webhost for Web Access Logs and Email

Our webhost is cHosting located in Denmark with servers located in Denmark.

By default most web hosting companies keep access logs of all website queries. This is useful and necessary to catch and understand problems. Information logged usually includes IP address, URL and date/time.

Emails sent and received through our webhost (e.g. company email addresses) are also stored there, so we can access email through a web interface.


  • All sales are routed through FastSpring which functions as a reseller.
  • Only direct links or discount codes are used to associate sales to an affiliate.
  • Affiliates are generally not given information about the customers or the sales they generate except total sales numbers.
  • In some cases some affiliates may be given access to some information to verify a sale was credited correctly.

General Opt-out

For completeness here are various general opt-out links that together cover many online services that use, collect or share data about people:
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