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The all-in-one solution for crawling websites and technical SEO: Fix site errors, discover broken links and redirects, find duplicate content, optimize keywords content, create sitemaps and much more.
Download now for Windows and Mac:
  • The trial is fully functional with a 30 days evaluation period.
  • You can continue to use free mode after the trial runs out.
  • Price: $0 for free mode / $99 per year for a subscription.
  • Free product support before and after purchase.
  • Download file size is only 8.71 MB.

Runs on:
  • Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2019 / 2012 / 2008 / 2003
  • Mac OS X / macOS 10.8 Mountain Lion or newer
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When the trial of TechSEO360 runs out, you can continue to use the software in free mode or buy and get a subscription

Why You Will Choose TechSEO360

Have you been searching for a Windows and Mac desktop software solution with a strong crawler and complete set of tools for technical SEO?
Fast crawl of large websites: Bump up the simultaneous threads and simultaneous connections settings to sustain high crawling speeds across 10.000, 100.000 and for some even million page websites.
Automate and schedule most larger task through the batch file and command line support: Open existing projects, scan websites, create sitemaps, create robots.txt, FTP upload, and ping search engines to inform them about updated XML sitemaps.
Create sitemaps:
  • Fully customizable HTML/CSS/Javascript sitemaps.
  • Video, image, code, news and standard XML sitemaps.
  • RSS feeds, urllist.txt, robots.txt, FTP upload, sitemaps ping and more.
Technical SEO:
  • Anchor text: Inspect anchor text from internal links for all pages in your website.
  • Broken links: Check for broken links, redirects, canonical references, meta refreshes and more.
  • Content analysis: Detailed page-by-page and sitewide content and HTTP headers analysis.
  • Duplicate content: Find pages with duplicate titles, headers, descriptions and similar content.
  • PageRank sculpting: Analyze how internal link juice flows to important pages you need to rank.
  • Canonical and robots: See which URLs are canonical, noindex, nofollow, robots.txt excluded etc.
  • Custom search: Search and check all pages for custom text and code, e.g. Google Analytics.
  • Spell check: Check websites for spelling errors using a variety of spell checker dictionaries.
  • HTML and CSS errors: HTML/CSS validation ensures pages are crawled and shown correctly.
  • Online tools integration: Add and use online website and SEO tools within the software.
  • Import Apache logs: See which pages have been crawled by Google and find orphan pages.
  • Import Google Search Console Data: See which pages are indexed by Google.
  • Import text based files: Seed a crawl or add data to existing crawl results.
  • Keyword lists: Create and expands lists of keywords. Easily combine lists into new sets of keyword phrases.
  • Keyword density: Analyze keyword density of pages. Adjust keyword importance for titles, headers, text etc.
  • Scraper module: Have the crawler scrape portions of text and code into .csv + .sql files and databases.
  • After scan: Filter crawl results and set options to quickly view and export data into SEO reports.
Crawler does not back down:
  • Processes all kinds of links and redirects. Neither the HTML <base> tag nor any <a> variation of valid link addresses causes problems.
  • Reads robots.txt disallow and crawl-delay, page nofollow, noindex, canonical and hreflang and <meta>, <link>, <a> attributes.
  • Optionally finds and follows links in <img>, <frame>, <iframe>, <form>, <select>, <input> and many other HTML tags.
  • Set a few options and CSS, Javascript, PDF, Flash and AJAX crawling are either partially or fully supported as well.
More features for less money:
Free mode Trial and subscription
500 page URLs per website No fixed limit
500 URLs per website No fixed limit
  • All options to control crawl
  • All tools for technical SEO
  • All tools for complete site analysis
  • All tools for individual page analysis
  • Create robots.txt
  • Create XML sitemaps
  • Perform sitemap ping
  • Perform sitemap FTP upload
  • Keyword list tools (limited)
  • Website scraping (limited)
  • All in free mode
  • Command line support
  • Create Text urllist.txt file
  • Create HTML sitemap
  • Create RSS feed
  • Create ROR file
  • Create ASP.Net web sitemap
  • Create video sitemap
  • Create image sitemap
  • Create mobile sitemap
  • Create news sitemap
  • Create code sitemap
  • Create DOT graph
  • Keyword list tools (full)
  • Website scraping (full)
Free $99 USD per year - buy now
To get started with TechSEO360 simply download it.
Highly recommended for anyone who works seriously in SEO.

Ruud Hein - ruudhein.com
Very powerful and flexible spidering tool - probably the most cost effective.

Sante J Achille - achille.name
This is such a fantastic addition to our SEO software arsenal. I see countless of features.

Philip Blomsterberg - intripid.com

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You can order TechSEO360 online. We offer a 30 days satisfaction guarantee to make your purchase risk-free.
Have you encountered an issue? If so, please contact us and we will usually respond very quickly.
You can also check our online help overview, getting started tutorial and PDF slides.
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Unlike TechSEO360 the A1 tools are not subscription based software.

Pre-Sale and Post-Sale Questions

  • License: User licensing, license files and unlocking the software.
  • Purchase: Support, satisfaction guarantee and updates.
  • Billing: VAT information and how to retrieve your invoice online.
  • Installation: How to to install and uninstall the software.
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