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  • Runs on Mac - macOS / OS X - Yosemite or newer.
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A1 Website Analyzer 8.1.0 update #4 :
  • Fixes and improvements for both Windows and Mac versions.

A1 Website Analyzer 8.1.0 update #3 :
  • Fixes and improvements for both Windows and Mac versions.

A1 Website Analyzer 8.1.0 update #2 :
  • Small fix.

A1 Website Analyzer 8.1.0 update #1 :
  • Fixes and improvements for both Windows and Mac versions.

A1 Website Analyzer 8.1.0 :
  • Many further fixes and improvements upon the version 8.0.1 updates.
  • Now possible to have crawl use Mac API for HTTP/HTTPS requests. [experimental]

A1 Website Analyzer 8.0.1 update #6 (Windows only) :
  • Improvements in dictionary and spell checking capabilities.

A1 Website Analyzer 8.0.1 update #5 (Windows only) :
  • Added import of Apache webserver log files - just be sure to rename them with file extension ".log". When importing URLs from logs, one can now see which URLs have been crawled by Google with the introduction of the "googlebot" flag. Uses a list of IP ranges from "googlebot-ip-ranges.txt" which is maintained.
  • Done so that after import and recrawl, URLs not linked/used get "orphan" flag.
  • Import now adds URLs and data to existing data. (Clear data first to avoid.)
  • On Windows you can now select visual program "skin" in "Help > Styles".

A1 Website Analyzer 8.0.1 update #4 :
  • Many improvements and fixes across both platforms.

A1 Website Analyzer 8.0.1 update #3 :
  • Added support for swfmill for better crawling of Flash websites.

A1 Website Analyzer 8.0.1 update #2 :
  • Various small fixes.
  • Various changes including smaller installation download.

A1 Website Analyzer 8.0.1 :
  • SSL fix for some websites when using Indy HTTP crawler engine.
  • Rollup of multiple other updates and fixes.

A1 Website Analyzer 8.0.0 update #6 :
  • Smaller fixes and improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 8.0.0 update #5 :
  • More redirect related data columns.
  • Smaller fixes and improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 8.0.0 update #4 :
  • Many smaller fixes and improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 8.0.0 update #2 :
  • Fixes and improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 8.0.0 update #1 :
  • Improved Javascript handling.

A1 Website Analyzer 8.0.0 :
  • Improved speed when using "HTTP using "WinInet/IE" (AJAX) as "Crawler engine" (Windows only at present)
  • Improvements in proxy handling.
  • Various improvements and bug fixes.
  • Default paths for various file kinds now more standard on Mac OS X / macOS.
  • Added support for "data-" HTML5 attributes. Before you start scan, be sure to enable options "search all link tag types" and "try search inside Javascript".

A1 Website Analyzer 7.7.0 update #4 :
  • Experimental Windows support for AJAX websites. In "Scan website" select: 1) In "Crawler engine": "HTTP using "WinInet/IE". 2) In "Crawler engine": Set "Simultaneous threads" to max two. 3) In "Crawler options" Uncheck "Cutout # in internal links".

A1 Website Analyzer 7.7.0 update #3 :
  • Improvements and fixes.

A1 Website Analyzer 7.7.0 update #2 :
  • Improved W3C HTML, W3C CSS, Tidy and CSE integration.

A1 Website Analyzer 7.7.0 update #1 :
  • Better import.
  • Export now includes support for generating simple Excel .xls files.
  • Better handling of binary file content inserted into HTML.
  • Big fix concerning custom ports when using the WinInet HTTP solution.

A1 Website Analyzer 7.7.0 :
  • Support for some AMP tags.
  • Fixed an issue with GZIP compression when using WinInet HTTP crawler engine.
  • Fixed as issue with the embedded browser when running the program under WINE.
  • Various other small improvements and fixes for Windows and Mac OS X versions.

A1 Website Analyzer 7.6.0 :
  • Fixes some rare but annoying problems.
  • Fixed and improvements for Mac OS X.

A1 Website Analyzer 7.5.0 :
  • Rollup of many updates and improvements across Windows and Mac OSX platforms.

A1 Website Analyzer 7.2.0 update #July2016 :
  • Major rollup of many updates.

A1 Website Analyzer 7.2.0 :
  • Fix of write permissions related problem when generating files on Mac OS X.
  • keyboard shortcuts on Mac OS X are now more "typical" for OS X users.
  • Crawler now handles invalid MIME types better in some "tricky" situations.

A1 Website Analyzer 7.1.0 :
  • Rollup of 7 updates to 7.0.2 (HTML forms, PDF support, crawler engine etc.)
  • Various Mac OS X specific fixes for better https and unicode support.

A1 Website Analyzer 7.0.2 :
  • General functionality improvements and fixes.
  • Mac OS X specific polish and fixes.

A1 Website Analyzer 7.0.1 :
  • Many small updates, fixes and improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 7.0.0 :
  • Native support for Mac OS X (although still to be considered "beta")
  • Miscellaneous improvements and fixes.

A1 Website Analyzer 6.0.5 :
  • Fixes and improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 6.0.4 :
  • Many fixes and improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 6.0.3 :
  • Miscellaneous small improvements and fixes.

A1 Website Analyzer 6.0.2 :
  • Various fixes and improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 6.0.1 update #4 :
  • Some tweaks on how/when JS and CSS parsing is done depending on configuration.

A1 Website Analyzer 6.0.1 update #3 :
  • Some new crawling options requested by a user.

A1 Website Analyzer 6.0.1 update #2 :
  • Improved the user interface for the functionality introduced in 6.0.1.

A1 Website Analyzer 6.0.1 update #1 :
  • Misc. fixes.

A1 Website Analyzer 6.0.1 :
  • Fixed an issue in a routine extracting top keywords from a list of keywords.
  • You can now sum keyword density analysis scores across multiple selected URLs.

A1 Website Analyzer 6.0.0 update #1 :
  • Some improvements in which filters get set by different "reporting presets".

A1 Website Analyzer 6.0.0 :
  • A bug fix for pages using a rarely encountered Asian character set.
  • Many internal small code and user interface changes and fixes.
  • Now you can edit content and see text/code percentage while you do it.
  • Memory usage reduced when crawling large websites.
  • Major improvements in spell checker functionality.
  • Added ".html" as a data export option for many controls.

A1 Website Analyzer 5.1.0 update #6 :
  • Improved code when crawling certain (very) big Unicode pages.

A1 Website Analyzer 5.1.0 update #5 :
  • Fixed an annoying issue that could happen in the embedded IE control.

A1 Website Analyzer 5.1.0 update #4 :
  • Enhanced custom search with text and code "capture" functionality.

A1 Website Analyzer 5.1.0 update #3 :
  • Various small improvements and fixes.

A1 Website Analyzer 5.1.0 update #2 :
  • Various small improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 5.1.0 update #1 :
  • Various small improvements and fixes.

A1 Website Analyzer 5.1.0 :
  • Various small improvements and fixes.
  • PDF support through 3rd party solution "Xpdf".

A1 Website Analyzer 5.0.7 update #1 :
  • When filtering visible URLs by URL state filters, you can now AND multiple.
  • Some small fixes in the crawler engine.

A1 Website Analyzer 5.0.7 :
  • See/filter against title and description pixels width and characters count.

A1 Website Analyzer 5.0.6 update #1 :
  • Small fixes and improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 5.0.6 :
  • Fixed a few glitches.
  • Added "more than" and "less than" word-count filters.
  • Added support for including "alt" image attributes as anchor text.
  • Added a report that will show images where not all references use "alt".

A1 Website Analyzer 5.0.5 :
  • Added column "code to text" percentage.
  • Added column "RedirectsToPath".
  • Added an option for handing stopwords in keywords analysis.
  • Made an improvement in the crawler job queue system to minimize memory usage.
  • The "Traditional Chinese" translation has been updated.

A1 Website Analyzer 5.0.4 update #1 :
  • Various small improvements and fixes.

A1 Website Analyzer 5.0.4 :
  • Various improvements including how filters are handled.
  • Fix for when showing HTML inside embedded IE 11 browser.
  • Improved printing and reporting.
  • Some fixes in crawler engine and its options in the user interface.

A1 Website Analyzer 5.0.3 :
  • Added more states for "URL flags" column. (Useful when using quick filtering.)
  • Improvements in UI speed when using thousands of "limit-to" site scan filters.
  • Large memory usage improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 5.0.2 update #1 :
  • Analyze website: Added tool tips for cells not big enough to show all text.
  • Analyze website: Columns menu is now shown when right clicking column headers.
  • Can now optionally show found robots.txt file in scan results.
  • Can now optionally show found sitemap protocol files in scan results.

A1 Website Analyzer 5.0.2 :
  • Fix related to option "scan website | data collection | store external URLs".

A1 Website Analyzer 5.0.1 :
  • Large memory usage and speed improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 5.0.0 :
  • New data column "Page Content Similarity". Shows most important page elements visually. Using column sorting will group similar and duplicate pages together using a hash that generates similar values for pages with similar content.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.4.0 update #1 :
  • Some improvements and additions in the "online tools" functionality.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.4.0 :
  • Added support for HTTP header link/rel canonical information.
  • Added support for "noarchive" and "nosnippet" in meta tags and HTTP headers.
  • You can now view follow/nofollow of all links.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.3.0 :
  • Added some new tools into "quick filters" - useful for analysis and reporting.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.2.6 update #2 :
  • A bug fix in crawler engine.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.2.6 update #1 :
  • Added support for HTTP header X-Robots-Tag noindex and nofollow.
  • Fixed a small bug in crawler engine.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.2.6 :
  • Multiple small improvements in user interface.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.2.5 :
  • Various fixes and improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.2.4 :
  • Crawler fixes and enhancements.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.2.3 :
  • Further improvements in crawler engine.
  • Fixed a problem with anchor text.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.2.2 :
  • Fixed a (fairly recently introduced) bug that could cause the crawler to not properly crawl .css and .js URLs.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.2.1 update #2 :
  • Added support for a new command line option. (Useful when one only wants to export a subset of the website scan results.)
  • Improved support for crawling buggy 404 HTTP responses if configured so.
  • Added a crawler "states" column in "Analyze website" view.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.2.1 update #1 :
  • When importing a list of external URLs + option "recrawl" + option "verify external URLs" the content of those imported URLs is now also analyzed meaning you can see data like "custom search", "links to" etc.
  • Fix relates to regular expressions library used.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.2.1 :
  • Various small fixes and improvements in the tools available.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.2.0 update #2 beta #1 :
  • Experimental option for defining max byte size to be analyzed in pages.
  • Fix relates to regular expressions library used.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.2.0 update #1 :
  • Small fixes.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.2.0 :
  • Added internal anchor link analysis. (Including when exporting data to CSV.)
  • Added internal keyword content analysis.
  • Fix in PCRE regex (sometimes used for filters) for empty string matches.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.1.7 update #2 :
  • Improved spell checker, so it could handle HTML entities inside words.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.1.7 update #1 :
  • Improved support for CSE Validator (HTML/CSS) - it works, just memember to pass it path to the command line executable.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.1.7 :
  • Improved importing of files containing URLs.
  • Improved how imported "external" URLs were shown.
  • Did so the HTTP "referer" header would be passed when viewing URLs with A1WA
  • Had to adjust usage of PCRE regex engine on 64bit builds. (Earlier, regular expression could sometimes fail on 64bit builds.)
  • Re-enabled Tidy for Windows 8 for those who want to try.
  • Added experimental support for CSE Validator (HTML/CSS)

A1 Website Analyzer 4.1.6 :
  • Fixed a "live filtering" issue which could happen when deleting items.
  • Fixed a "live filtering" issue where an extra item could sometimes show.
  • Fixed a problem with Tidy and Windows 8. (Disabled it for now.)
  • Improved support for intranet SharePoint websites.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.1.4 update #1 :
  • Solved a problem caused by an issue in the used Regex PCRE wrapper/library.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.1.4 :
  • Various small fixes and improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.1.3 :
  • Fixed a critical bug in usage of the new PCRE/regex engine used some places.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.1.2 :
  • Various fixes for rare import and rare CSV export problems.
  • Did so the crawler fills in "referer" HTTP header.
  • Switched regex engine (used various places) to a PCRE/Perl compatible one.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.1.1 update #1 :
  • Added new column "redirects to". (Useful if doing CSV exports over redirects.)
  • Small bug fix that would happen when exporting to CSV without headers.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.1.1 :
  • Small fixes and improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.1.0 update #1 :
  • Small fix concerning how start search paths are sometimes automatically added based on other configuration settings.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.1.0 :
  • Improvements in handling of HTTP response "location" header containing non-percentage-encoded unicode characters in the "redirect-to" URL.
  • Added new option in user interface, so all found URLs can be viewed easily as both unicode characters and their corresponding URL percentage encoding.
  • Improvements in handling and crawling AJAX websites.
  • Various crawler engine improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.0.9 update #1 :
  • Further improvements in AJAX handling and crawling

A1 Website Analyzer 4.0.9 :
  • Improvements in AJAX handling
  • Fixed an issue in the crawler engine that could occur under heavy load.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.0.8 :
  • Improvements in memory usage.
  • Improved URL list text / CSV / XML file import.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.0.7 :
  • New quick filter option: Duplicate H1 in URLs.
  • New quick filter option: Duplicate H2 in URLs.
  • New quick filter feature: Only search in URL response related columns.
  • New quick filter feature: Only search in URL "state flags" column.
  • Added new "state flags" column for all URLs.
  • Made "quick filter" case insensitive.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.0.6 :
  • Added "click count" column for all URLs. (Shortest click navigation path.)
  • Added "H1" and "H2" columns.
  • Added word count column.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.0.5 :
  • Small bug fix in WinInet HTTP handler.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.0.4 update #1 :
  • Improved spell checking capabilities.
  • Some fixes in HTML/CSS validation capabilities.
  • Split "Max simultaneous connections and threads" into two separate options. You can find the options in "Scan website | Crawler engine".
  • Set default in "Crawler engine | Default path type and handler" to WinInet.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.0.4 :
  • Fixed a minute corner-case issue when solving duplicate URLs / page titles.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.0.3 :
  • Website scan progress now also shows "jobs waiting" and "jobs done" counts.
  • Memory usage improvements.
  • Small improvements in the website crawler part of the website analysis tool.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.0.2 :
  • Small improvements in crawler.

A1 Website Analyzer 4.0.0 :
  • Installer now includes a 64bit A1 Website Analyzer 4.x executable which is installed on Windows 64bit systems. (Increases website scan capacity!)
  • Like earlier versions of A1 Website Analyzer: On Windows 32bit systems, the 32bit version of the A1 Website Analyzer 4.x executable is installed.
  • A bunch of other small improvements included in this first 4.0 release.
  • Future development will go into 4.x branch. Registered users of earlier versions are eligible to either free or discounted upgrades. More info: http://www.microsystools.com/products/website-analyzer/upgrade.php

A1 Website Analyzer 3.5.1 :
  • Various improvements and fixes.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.4.6 :
  • Various improvements in handling Javascript.
  • Fixed a problem with sorting certain website data columns.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.4.5 :
  • Crawler engine improvements.
  • Installation now also includes a Win98/NT4 compatible executable.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.4.4 :
  • Crawler engine improvements.
  • Other website analysis improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.4.0 :
  • Various improvements in "behind the scenes" code.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.3.6 :
  • Various website analysis tool improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.3.5 :
  • Wide range of website analyzer tool improvements and fixes.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.3.4 :
  • Various small improvements in website analyzer tool.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.3.3 :
  • Fixed various bugs.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.3.1 :
  • Various small improvements in website analysis program.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.3.0 :
  • Various small improvements and fixes in wensite analyzer.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.2.9 :
  • Improvements in website crawler and therefore also website analysis.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.2.8 :
  • Various enhancements.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.2.7 :
  • Fixed a minor CSS parsing issue in website crawler.
  • Slightly changed how HTTP content response streams get handled.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.2.6 :
  • Fixed a bug with data columns.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.2.5 :
  • Ability to check which website URLs are indexed in a search engine.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.2.4 :
  • Various improvements allover in program.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.2.3 :
  • Various improvements allover in program.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.2.2 :
  • Lots of improvements to crawler including new options and features.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.2.1 :
  • Added more command line parameters.
  • various additions and improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.2.0 :
  • Various enhancements and fixes.
  • Fixed a line count error.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.1.7 :
  • Fixed various issues.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.1.6 :
  • Fixed various issues.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.1.4 :
  • Faster project load.
  • Faster website crawl stop.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.1.3 :
  • Various crawler fixes and improvements.
  • Added some "platform" presets for the website crawls.
  • A bug fix for loading/saving website project data.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.1.0 :
  • Fixed bug in WinInet HTTP engine crawler support.
  • Added "at line" info for all links etc. URL reference data.
  • Added a new column in website analysis "target response code".
  • Added new buttons next to filtering: T/title, D/description and K/keywords. Quick way to see e.g. all URLs with duplicate title/description/keywords!
  • Various program and crawler engine fixes.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.0.9 :
  • Various improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.0.6 :
  • Improved detection of HTML5 and XML tags that designate "charset" values.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.0.5 :
  • Improved crawling of various file information types.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.0.4 :
  • Various website analyzer and crawler engine.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.0.3 :
  • Fixed an issue on handling a specifc kind of malformed HTML comment.
  • Improved both "analysis" and "output filters "limit to". It now supports strings, paths and regex, i.e. now supports the same as "exclude filters".

A1 Website Analyzer 3.0.2 :
  • Various website analyzer program improvements and fixes.

A1 Website Analyzer 3.0.1 :
  • Various fixes and updates.
  • Now also includes Tidy for HTML validation as default. (Faster than W3C online HTML and CSS validation solution. W3C validation gives more accurate results.)

A1 Website Analyzer 3.0.0 :
  • Program is now complete Unicode inside meaning it can handle websites mixing multiple languages of Eastern and Far Eastern origin in the same website.
  • Lots of small fixes and improvements. (And more coming soon.)

A1 Website Analyzer 2.3.9 :
  • Again tweaked the code I introduced in 2.3.7.

A1 Website Analyzer 2.3.8 :
  • Fixed a bug in version 2.3.7 introduced code which purpose was to scan and "disable" invalid null bytes inside the response content stream. (Useful for some websites.)
  • Updated to latest HTTP Indy library version which give some speed increase compared to the one used in version 2.3.7.
  • Various small crawler speed improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 2.3.7 :
  • Fixed issue with disabled configuration dropdowns with pre-configured values.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 2.3.6 :
  • Improved root path alias algorithm. (If enabled in options.)

A1 Website Analyzer 2.3.5 :
  • Fixed an issue when deleting URIs while in "flat" view mode.
  • Default enabled spell checker. It is good enough for most English websites.
  • Fixed export issue with cells containing quotes.

A1 Website Analyzer 2.3.4 :
  • Fixed a bug in "time edit" controls that could happen with "zero" values.
  • Fixed a rare error/crash issue on program closedown.
  • Improved page crawl code a few places.
  • Various minor user interface improvements, e.g. in "replace text" dialog.

A1 Website Analyzer 2.3.3 :
  • Improved "extended data" XML file storage. (Takes less space on disk now.)
  • Small improvement in built-in translation tool.
  • Fixed minor issue in crawler.

A1 Website Analyzer 2.3.2 :
  • Fixed a bug when selecting a different language in "Lingua".
  • Improved language files translation tool in About dialog.

A1 Website Analyzer 2.3.1 :
  • Fixed a bug where paths could be shown incorrectly sometimes in scan results.
  • Added a fallback solution where crawler tries to extract date information from URL paths.
  • Added multi-select support so one could mass delete and edit data of found website URLs, e.g. importance values or similar.
  • Various fixes and improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 2.3.0 :
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Added some new columns in "Website data view", e.g. "Linked by".
  • Made is easier to make groups of columns visible.
  • Added filtering support of "Website data view".
  • Made CSV export support all of above.
  • All of above makes it easy to make CSV reports viewable in e.g. Excel. Examples could be broken link reports. All easy and accessable in program.

A1 Website Analyzer 2.2.2 :
  • Fixed an issue where URL encoding also "cleaned" GET part of URLs. Examples: 1) "&&" became "&" 2) "?&" became "?".
  • Fixed an issue with URLs using multiple anchor "#" and "?" characters.

A1 Website Analyzer 2.2.1 :
  • Fixed bug with validators running in browser window.
  • New and improved help.

A1 Website Analyzer 2.2.0 :
  • Lots of small bug fixes and improvements.
  • Added a "search for text and code" option in "Data collection" options.
  • Added support for complete website spell checker in "Data collection" options.
  • Speed and memory usage improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 2.1.5 :
  • Fixed a bug in code handling form input radio elements.
  • Small fix in crawler in how some URLs get resolved.
  • Various small fixes.

A1 Website Analyzer 2.1.4 :
  • Minor bug fix in crawler engine.

A1 Website Analyzer 2.1.3 :
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Can now extract some URLs from Flash if Adobe swf2html.exe is available.

A1 Website Analyzer 2.1.2 :
  • Fixed a bug that could hinder parsing of HTML inside Javascript.

A1 Website Analyzer 2.1.1 :
  • Various bug fixes.

A1 Website Analyzer 2.1.0 :
  • Now features an optional alternative HTTP engine using Windows API.
  • Various bug fixes.

A1 Website Analyzer 2.0.6 :
  • Various fixes in website analysis tool.

A1 Website Analyzer 2.0.5 :
  • Various improvements and fixes in website analyzer program.

A1 Website Analyzer 2.0.4 :
  • Various improvements and fixes in website analyzer program.

A1 Website Analyzer 2.0.3 :
  • Various fixes in website analyzer tool.

A1 Website Analyzer 2.0.2 :
  • New website data column that list the language of all pages in website.

A1 Website Analyzer 2.0.1 :
  • Chinese translation by Xiong.
  • Various small issues fixed.

A1 Website Analyzer 2.0.0 :
  • Many improvements and feature enhancements.
  • For information about free subscription upgrades vs discounted paid upgrades, click any of the "upgrade" links. There you can also find the latest website analyzer 1.x.x version available for download.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.4.4 :
    Various enhancements in program, website analysis and website crawler.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.4.3 :
  • Added support for sending custom request headers.
  • Various enhancements, e.g. in website crawler.
  • Serbian translation by Goran Nešic, http://www.readyonpcshop.com
  • Dutch/Belgian translation by Dries Hauwaert, http://www.1001tips.be
  • Improved website analyzer project loading speed and memory usage.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.4.2 :
  • Some speed improvements in certain cases.
  • Improvements in registration process.
  • Some fixes with CSS/HTML validator tool integration. Proxies should work now.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.4.1 :
    Various fixes and improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.4.0 :
    Various updates and fixes.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.3.9 :
  • Fixed an issue with missing URL percentage encoding of certain URL parts.
  • Many improvements in program and website crawler engine.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.3.8 :
  • Fixed some issues with crawler and output filters.
  • Added crawler and output depth filters.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.3.7 :
  • Fixed a couple of issues in Javascript parser.
  • Now optional whether crawler deletes URLs marked "nolist" (e.g. by "noindex"). This is useful when resuming prior website scans.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.3.6 :
  • Fixed a small issue when using multiple root directory aliases.
  • Added MIME type website scan "output" filters in website crawl functionality.
  • Added string/path/regex website scan "output" filters.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.3.5 :
  • Program will now automatically correct scanned root directory if the entered is a pure domain URL that redirects.
  • Added support for optional headers when exporting data into CSV files.
  • Now shows "MIME" columns for all found URLs.
  • Fixed a couple of crawling issues.
  • Added MIME type crawler filters for website scan functionality.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.3.4 :
  • Improvements in memory usage when loading projects with extended website data.
  • Improved handing of "web analytics" URLs in Javascript code.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.3.3 :
  • Added support for W3C CSS validator support when crawling entire website.
  • Scanner can now extract meta tag information for "description".
  • Crawler will now always store "robots" nofollow/noindex flags.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.3.2 :
  • New options on how to calculate importance of URLs within the website
  • Various fixes and improvements in help file.
  • Better website scan pause and resume functionality.
  • Crawler now support robots.txt wildcards * in disallow.
  • Minimized memory usage and optimized speed a few places.
  • Saving projects will no longer cause memory usage to spike.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.
  • Ukranian translation by Anatoly Melnyk, http://prybyralnyk.com.ua

A1 Website Analyzer 1.3.1 :
  • Lots of improvements, speed optimizations, minor and critical bug fixes etc.
  • New command line support for stopping scan after whatever number of seconds.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.3.0 :
  • Lots of fixes and improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.2.9 :
  • Russian translation by Dead J. Dona, http://deadjdona.co.ua
  • Lots of various fixes and improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.2.8 :
  • Made the "Lingua" menu more easy to under for first-time users.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur on some non-English websites.
  • Various small optimization and improvements.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.2.7 :
  • Fixed various issues.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.2.6 :
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when viewing external links.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.2.5 :
  • Added a "LastModified" column in "website tructure" tree view.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.2.4 :
  • Improved handling of timeouts and resume of website scans afterwards.
  • Improved crawling of pages throwing error response codes.
  • Various crawler engine enhancements.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.2.3 :
  • Made options concerning session/user ID variables better and more logical.
  • Fixed and improved various things in the builtin translation and tool.
  • Fixed a bug concerning viewing data in "Directory summary" and related tabs.
  • Fixed a bug introduced during 1.2.1 development that could sometimes occur during website crawling, in particular with websites not supporting HEAD requests.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.2.2 :
  • Found a bug that could sometimes occur during website crawling, particular with very slow websites. (Timing issue with thread pool and cached data.)

A1 Website Analyzer 1.2.1 :
  • Heavy research into improving memory usage and speed during website scan. Both areas have been significantly improved and more will come in the future.
  • General website crawling and program user interface improvements.
  • Improved the help file.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.2.0 :
  • Many updates and improvements in crawler engine and options.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.1.9 :
  • Miscellaneous updates.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.1.8 :
  • Fixed a critical issue introduced in 1.1.7 that could prevent startup on systems using Windows XP with classic themes. Thanks to those who reported it.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.1.7 :
  • CSS parser can now handle "#import" statements.
  • Fixed a minor issue with empty HTML comments.
  • Improved Google PageRank checking code.
  • Added a HTTP response code column in "website links structure" tree view.
  • Spun some keyword research features into another keyword SEO/PPC product (free for those who are already registered A1 Website Analyzer users)
  • Fixed an issue with HTML tags having an attribute with no value not placed at the end. Example "noresize": <frame noresize src="example.html">

A1 Website Analyzer 1.1.6 :
  • Fixed a bug concerning reading UTF8 translation files with a leading BOM.
  • Made website scan HTML parser much faster.
  • Added BOM checking (in addition to server response headers and the "charset" meta tag) to identify the character set used in HTML documents.
  • Fixed a bug concerning website crawler ignore filters.
  • Korean translation by Eunsook Kim, http://www.famun.com
  • Updated various suggest, position, research tools and their configurations.
  • Online tools can now also integrate with websites that use POST forms.
  • Fixed an issue with root host paths such as www.ExAmPle.com (cased letters).
  • Fixed an issue with paths containing "../" and "./".
  • Fixed an issue with website login functionality.
  • Improved memory usage a couple of places.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.1.5 :
  • Added some support for website scan logging.
  • Made some speed and memory optimizations in website crawler.
  • Disabling case sensitive paths will no longer influence strings after "# ?".
  • Domain names are now always lower cased.
  • Fixed a deadlock/freeze bug in website crawler that could occur when using multiple root paths. (And another very rare case.)
  • Fixed an issue in urlencode / urldecode (affecting certain characters).
  • Fixed a bug in keyword density analyzer (affecting some extraction options).
  • Polish translation by Witold, http://www.naszacena.pl
  • Added "allow" crawler filters (can complement "ignore" and "output" filters)
  • Some other fixes here and there.
  • Added support for "resume" website scans.
  • Website scanner now uses a load balancing thread pool.
  • Added combination tumblers to keyword explode tools.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.1.4 :
  • Can now handle servers that throw 403 (forbidden) on HEAD requests.
  • Fixed a bug that could happen for some types of HTTP redirects.
  • Improved keyword density analyzer (how sentences break) and speed.
  • Fixed a bug in "shared backend" for keyword suggest and SE position checking.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.1.3 :
  • Portuguese translation by Claudio Souza, clsbrasil#hotmail.com
  • Improved keyword densisty analyzer so it can now weight different tags.
  • Fixed a bug in urlencode / urldecode handling.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.1.2 :
  • Arabic translation by Amin Sidky, http://www.sawtelarab.com
  • Can now handle translated right-to-left languages.
  • Added support for translation files to be UTF8 encoded.
  • Fixed a bug concerning summary data related to folders that are not linked.
  • Added some new crawler engine options, e.g. connection timeout.
  • Various improvements in search engine optimization tools.
  • Added better support for parsing Javascript and CSS.
  • Added basic support for following references in <form> tags.
  • Fixed a bug with <base> tags.
  • Added support for <area> tag.
  • Added support for "Last-Modified" meta tags.
  • Some small improvements in SEO and PPC tools.
  • Improved HTTPS handling.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.1.1 :
  • Fixed a bug (introduced in last version) concerning page importance scores.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.1.0 :
  • Fixed a bug with <base> tag and links starting with "/".
  • Export of "tree link views" now always includes all visible columns / fields.
  • Can now import website data. E.g. text files with one url per line.
  • Added "Refresh scan" functionality. This can be useful if you wish to update your site view without performing a complete rescan of your website.
  • Made a new crawler configuration tab called "Data collection".
  • Optimized memory usage with certain "Data collection" configurations.
  • Added option to "Data collection": HTML validate all pages found in website.
  • Now shows flags for different languages support in "Lingua" menu.
  • Fixed bugs and enhanced functionality in the "About | Translation" editor.
  • Spanish translation by Washington Chevez, uia1#hotmail.com
  • French translation by Stéphane Matte, http://www.veri-sites.com
  • Fixed an error with open/save buttons in search engine position check options.
  • Did so program windows no longer "flashes" at program start and shutdown.
  • Fixed a bug concerning internal links redirecting to external pages.
  • Improved usability of the "Page [keywords]" and "Keywords [meta]" tools.
  • Website scan progress now shows status of both "scanned" and "listed" files.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.0.9 :
  • Enhanced crawler to better ignore and/or handle javascript code.
  • Added an option more concerning extracting links from Javascript code.
  • Added a new option regarding default directory for user data.
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when saving.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.0.8 :
  • Improved look and fel of PPC / SEO tools.
  • Added some keyword / phrase suggestion tools.
  • Added website crawler support for HTML "base" tag.
  • Added an option for website crawler not to "collect" external links.
  • Various minor improvements in the website crawler.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.0.7 [update] :
  • Fixed a website crawler issue related to HTML comments.
  • Relative paths are also now accepted when setting website crawler option: "Limit final sitemap output to certain directories"

A1 Website Analyzer 1.0.7 [update] :
  • Fixed an issue (introduced in 1.0.6) in website crawler with paths such as: "http://www.example.com/?var-has-slashes=mydir/mypage.html"

A1 Website Analyzer 1.0.7 :
  • Fixed an issue in website crawler concerning handling of HTML entities.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.0.6 :
  • Improved the search engine optimization / PPC related tools.
  • Improved user interface (preparing it for more tools).
  • Overall improvements in speed and memory usage.
  • Added a new crawler engine option concerning tracking of links and redirects to and from all pages. Disabling this option will improve speed in certain parts of crawler and lessen memory usage (a lot), useful for large websites.
  • Fixed an issue in website crawler concerning links starting with "?".
  • Improved Javascript support in website crawler.
  • Fixed "tip of the day" dialog.
  • Added proxy support (username / password support still experimental).

A1 Website Analyzer 1.0.5 :
  • Added lots of PPC related tools to generate variations of keyword lists.
  • Added save + graphs (history) support to search engine position results.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.0.4 :
  • Various improvements and fixes in website crawler.
  • Improved support for HTML entities.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.0.3 :
  • Crawler now supports login through HTML "post" forms.
  • Program has been translated to German by Dieter Matissek! Thanks!
  • Various minor improvements and fixes in website crawler and rest of program.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.0.2 :
  • Improved the translation window by adding a "synchronize" function.

A1 Website Analyzer 1.0.1 :
  • Improved the GUI in the Analysis / SEO / keywords page. It is now much easier to perform search rank position checks etc. for custom links or keywords etc.

1.0 (28th of March 2006)
  • Added an advanced "generic" position chekker. Users can add new engines! I believe the max number of engines that can be tested concurrently is 63. To avoid "overloading" any engine, some "limits" and "behavior" is enforced.
  • Automatic "importance score" is now calculated on weighing all links (a link adds more "power" if it resides on a page with many incoming, but few outgoing links). After that it is converted to a logarithmic based 0-10 scale.
  • The "importance score" and "change frequency" fields are stored in XML files. You can view these values in the generated "website tree view". Currently you can for all pages / items see: sub items count, file size, response time, download time, power rank, and the 0-10 scaled power rank.
  • Added optional "robots.txt" support in scanner.
  • Added support for scanning etc. "https://" pages.
  • Added HTML anchor <a></a> text extraction support.
  • Changed Online tools for "Analysis / SEO / Keywords". See directory "%A1 Website Analyzer%\data\research-engines\" for details. This means that both "page" and "phrase" online tools are now supported.
  • Added wordwrap and whitespace format to facilitate better source code viewing.
  • An intense overhaul in user interface look and feel.
  • Overhaul in speed and memory usage. Improvements include: * Crawler options for URL size limits and detecting "circular GET parameters". * Most website "string" data (urls etc.) is now compressed inside memory. * Avoids "memory usage" spikes when loading and saving. * Faster saving in some cases. Always much faster loading.
  • Added some support for Asian MBCS (multi byte character set) encodings.
  • Added support for "robots" meta tag (all,none,index,noindex,follow,nofollow),
  • Added support for stripping out session ids in urls.
  • Added "expand all" and "collapse all" functions for the "site / links views".
  • Improved the language translation functionality in the About window.

A1 Website Analyzer 0.92 :
  • Based upon same code and GUI design as A1 Sitemap Generator. Just with a different featureset. Hopefully this will make everyone happy :-)
  • Refer to the history for A1 Sitemap Generator for other changes prior to this.

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