Response, Links, MIME/Charset and Title Data Columns

After website scan, our website analyzer program shows website analysis data. This allows you to optimize your website in many ways.

Viewing and Sort All Data Extracted for All Pages in Entire Website

Knowing how to show/hide various data columns can be useful when analyzing website data.

In the View menu you can find how to hide/show different specific columns and groups of related columns.

You can switch between a flat list and indented tree view of the found URLs and related data.

Remember that by configuring which columns are visible, you can control and export all the data you see.

website analyzer program page titles

To specifically learn more about website link analysis in our software, see understanding links.

Important Data Columns in Website Analyzer Software

Data Column Description More Info Possible Values
Core data
Path Full or relative URL path
Items Found Items Count of URLs underneath the directory including itself
Response Code HTTP response code Besides HTTP response codes, this can also contain A1 Website Analyzer codes Complete list of possible codes.
Response Description HTTP response description
URL Flags URL and content "states" detected for URL [noindex],[nofollow],[noarchive],[nosnippet],[robotsfileexclude],[canonical],[canonicalredirect],[metarefreshredirect],[isdirindexfile],[filetyperobots],[filetypesitemaps],[filetypevideo],[filetypevideoimage],[filetypemediathumb]
Crawler Flags Crawler engine "states" for URL [analysisrequired],[analysisstarted],[analysisfinished]
Response Time Response time (miliseconds)
Download Time Download time (miliseconds)
Size Size (KB) of file/page
Word Count Word count
MIME MIME content type Internet media file/content types
Charset Character set and encoding
Language Language and culture code
Last Modified Last modified date/time returned through HTTP header or meta tag
URL references
Click.Nav.Count Clicks it takes from website root to reach page (i.e. navigation lengh count)
Linked.Count Incoming links count found within website
Linked.Anchors Incoming anchor text links from within website
Linked.List Incoming links list from within the website
Sourced.List Incoming sources list from within the website Usually image references like <img src="example.png">
Redirected.List Incoming redirects list from within the website
Links.Intern.Count Internal links in page content
Links.Extern.Count Outgoing external links in page content
Redirects.Path Redirects or points to other path (HTTP, canonical etc.)
Redirects.Response.Code Response code of referenced target URL (redirect or similar)
Importance ranks
Importance.Raw URL importance score (calculated from weighing all links across entire website)
Importance.Scaled Importance score scaled (0-10)
Validation results
HTML Errors HTML Validation warnings from W3C, Tidy or similar
CSS Errors CSS validation warnings from W3C or similar
Spelling Errors Spelling errors and warnings
Extracted content
Indexed.SearchEngine If page URL is indexed in search engine It is possible to select (and even add) which search engine shold be checked
Page.Search.Results Results for page in custom text/code search
Page Title Page title Usually taken from title tag.
Page Description Page description Usually taken from meta tag.
Page Keywords Page keywords Usually taken from meta tag.
Page H1 Content in first H1 on page Taken from first H1 tag.
Page H2 Content in first H2 on page Taken from first H2 tag.
Page Content Keywords Top page keywords and phrases in content (using weighted keyword density analysis)
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