Keyword Suggestion Tools in TechSEO360

TechSEO360 can combine its built-in keyword suggestions tools with various online keyword suggestion tools and services powered by search engines and alike.

TechSEO360 and Keyword Suggestions

To get started retrieving keyword suggestions for use in keyword marketing and advertising campaigns, you need to these simple steps:
  • Select from where and how to retrieve keyword suggestions.
  • Select input keywords. These keywords and phrases are used as input for the various keyword suggestion tools and services.
  • Optional: Choose proxy to use in General options and tools | Internet crawler | HTTP proxy settings.
    Note: Proxy support depends on which HTTP engine has been selected in Scan website | Crawler engine.
  • Click button suggest related.

keyword research suggestion tool

At this point you will get the results of the retrieved keyword suggestion back into two areas.

  • Output: Text area located at the upper right:

    All unique keyword suggestions easy to copy and paste around, e.g. to the keyword list tools found in TechSEO360.

  • Analysis: Grid located at the lower bottom:

    Keeps track of keyword statistics:
    • Related:
      A sum of how often the phrase has been suggested.

      You retrieve suggestions for three different phrases.
      For two of the phrases, the suggestions contain the phrase "example for you".
      The phrase "example for you" has therefore been returned as related/suggested twice in total.

    • Score:
      Some keyword suggestion tools provide search keyword usage information.
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