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How to improve chances of getting Google SiteLinks in search results and relevance to website analyzer
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How Google Determines SiteLinks and Link Titles

Few people know the actual algorithm Google uses. However, we can guess based on experience and observation.

How a domain gets SiteLinks shown:
  • Domain has to rank number #1 for the search query.
  • The domain has to have a high authority for the search query.
  • It helps if the domain name is similar to the search query.

How shown page URLs are selected:
  • Pages linked by many internal pages.
  • Pages with many backlinks from other websites.
  • Google Toolbar navigation information.
  • Google click tracking in search results.

How shown page titles are generated:
  • Last directory or page name in URL.
  • HTML <title> in page.
  • Anchor text in backlinks.
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