Create URL List Files with Text Sitemap Generator

Creating a URL list text sitemap file is a quick and easy solution for submitting your website URLs to search engines.

Text Sitemap and URL List Files

Before creating the text sitemap conaining the list of website URLs, TechSEO360 needs to scan your website. In the Scan website tab, enter your website address and click Start scan.

scan website to create text sitemap

In the Create sitemap tab, choose Text sitemap and click the Build selected button.

This creates a text file sitemap that is compatible wih almost all search engines.

Following are best practices and info about text sitemaps:
  • Often named urllist.txt as this was historically the default for Yahoo.
  • Almost always use .txt as file extension.
  • Uses one URL per line.
  • Can contain a maximum of 50.000 URLs.
  • Are best saved as UTF-8 documents.

View The Created URL List Text Sitemap File

When you are done creating the urllist.txt sitemap file, it will contain a list of URLs which looks similar to this:


You can now submit the generated text file to search engines like Google.
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