Build ROR Sitemaps Using TechSEO360

ROR sitemaps usually works by extending RSS feed sitemap files. ROR sitemaps contain additional information for search engines.

Sitemap Generator and ROR Sitemaps

While most major search engines do officially support the ROR extensions of RSS, ROR sitemap files do contain more website information than pure RSS feed files.

To get started creating ROR files for your website and search engines, TechSEO360 will have to find all URLs in your website. In the Scan website tab, simply enter your website address and click Start scan.

scan website to build ROR sitemap

When done, select Create sitemap tab and choose ROR sitemap (RSS). Then just click the Build now button.

This creates a ROR file that extends RSS. As the RSS specifcation uses XML for storage, the generated ROR file also uses XML. You can see an example below where the ROR extensions have been highlighed in bold.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rss version="2.0" xmlns:ror="http://rorweb.com/0.1/">
    <title>Website title</title>
    <generator>A1 Sitemap Generator</generator>
    <lastBuildDate>Tue, 13 Mar 2007 22:28:20 GMT</lastBuildDate>
      <title>URL 1</title>
      <ror:keywords>URL1-keyword1, URL1-keyword2, URL1-keyword3</ror:keywords>
      <title>URL 2</title>
      <ror:keywords>URL2-keyword1, URL2-keyword2, URL2-keyword3</ror:keywords>
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