Scan Website at Localhost and Create XML Sitemap

It is possible to crawl your website at localhost and still create a valid XML sitemap.
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Scan Websited Hosted on Localhost

Check your webserver documentation on how to access your website on your own computer at http://localhost /

If he computer hosting your website is not a Windows machine, you will need to either:
  • Run the sitemapping software from another Windows computer within your local network. (Technically then, that is no longer localhost, but still quite close and often much faster than crawling websites online.)
  • Run our sitemap generator through some Windows emulator/virtualization software. For Linux, Wine is a good choice.

Note: Above was true in May, 2015. Since then, new versions that support more operating systems may have been released.

Installing a Webserver on Your Own Computer

Popurlar webserver related products include:
  • Webservers: Apache (Linux, Windows etc.), Xitami / X5 (Linux, Windows etc.) and IIS (Windows).
  • Scripting languages: PHP (Linux, Windows etc.).
  • Databases: MySql (Linux, Windows etc.).

If you encounter any problems, you are recommended to:
  • Test and get things working one at a time.
  • Check search engines for tutorials and step-by-step guides.
  • Ask in support forums. Many people regularly answer questions in these.
  • Note: We can not offer direct support on these topics.

Change Website Root Path When Creating XML sitemaps

It is easy to set and override root path used in generated XML sitemaps.

localhost xml sitemap root

Remember to build the sitemap files again after changing this setting.
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