Locate Website Download Installation and Related Files

Unsure whereto you installed A1 Website Download and need to find some files?

Website Download Files and Paths

You need to install A1 Website Download before you can locate any of its files on your computer disk.

Note: Do not confuse the website download installation setup file with the program executable! The installation setup file is what installs the A1 Website Download program executable and related files.

If you have successfully installed the website download software, be sure to read about installation and configuration. This explains how website download finds its files.

If you can start A1 Website Download, you can see which files and paths are used by opening the Help | About dialog:

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  • Application main directory is where you find website download program executable.
  • Application user data directory is where you find website download user generated data such as project files.
  • Application core data directory is where you find website download program data files.

Windows Method to Find Website Download Program Executable Path

If you can find a working Windows shortcut to A1 Website Download you can also do the following:
  • Right-click with mouse on the program icon. It looks like this:
  • Click on properties.
  • You are now taken to a Windows dialog where you can view data about the program and shortcut. This includes information about the website download program executable path.
A1 Website Download
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