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Run and use our A1 Website Download software on your Apple Mac OS X / macOS Computer

Running A1 Website Download on macOS and Mac OS X

Most of the help page content below was written before late 2015 and is mainly relevant to old versions of A1 Website Download.

During November and December 2015 version 7.x was released of our website download program which featured native support for Mac OS X.

Apple has since changed the name of their operating system to macOS - but is supported as well.

Old Versions of Standalone Desktop Website Download

Before version 7.x, there was no official support or native port for Apple Mac computers running Mac OS X or macOS.

However, even so, you could and can still get started using old versions of our A1 Website Download software.

Our users confirm that you can run the Windows version of our website download tool without problems if using virtualization and emulation products such as Parallels, WMware Fusion and CrossOver.


This solution works without Windows, and you can run the software right from your Mac desktop.

CrossOver internally uses a solution called WINE. It works by pointing all Windows API calls to its own replacements.

You will need to configure the CrossOver bottle to Use legacy X Window System in Advanced settings.


Below are some screenshots showing A1 Website Download running on Mac using Parallels.

A1 Website Download
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