Time Sheets Salary Configuration

Time sheets salary configuration with ultimate flexibility. Configure salary variations down to the minute.

Time Sheets Salary Configuration

salary options work

  • Configuration of time slots
    How to add and define a time slot with a specified salary:
    • Select the day and time range. (e.g. monday from 14:00 to 20:00)
    • Enter an amount for money / hour.
    • Use the add button to add the new time slot.
    How to edit a time slot:
    • Scroll through the dropdown box. (as you scroll, more details become visible)
    • You can change salary, day, time range etc.
    • Use the update button to update the time slot.
    General information:
    • For changes to be applied, you have to use the OK button.
    • For changes to be saved permanently, you have to save project.
    • TimeSage will notify and prevent you from defining times lots that overlap.
    • If you select a control, you can see detailed information in "help" pane to the right.

salary options sheet

Need an example? Download ZIP file which contains a demo project with salary configuration.
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TimeSage is a time sheet and time tracking tool. Track and record time worked on projects. The timesheets can be created and configured to match all kinds of projects and work schedules.
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