Move, Import and Export Time Sheets

Learn how you can move, import and export time sheets. This is useful in if you also need to use other software such as Excel or work across multiple computers.

Move Time Sheets to Another Project

  • If your current project is located at "c:\timesage\projects\myproject.tsp", you can normally find the project files located in "c:\timesage\projects\myproject\". (If placed elsewhere, check "Tools | Project Options | Project".)
  • The time sheet files have .gtx as their file extension. (For the curious, these files are actually saved as XML.)
  • These files should now be moved into a project directory, e.g. "c:\timesage\projects\receiver-project\".
  • Afterwards, close existing, if any, project in TimeSage and load "c:\timesage\projects\receiver-project.tsp".
  • The files are now available in the menu "View | Time Sheets".

Import and Export Time Sheets in .CSV File Format

  • About .csv files:
    • CSV stands for "comma separated files". File extensions are .csv and .txt.
    • CSV files are often use to exchange data between similar but different programs.
    • CSV files stores data in text lines where each line, a.k.a. record or row, has multiple fields, a.k.a. columns.
    • CSV typically uses either comma or semicolon to separate fields data.
  • To import and export use "File | Import file" and "File | Export file as".
  • How to control which fields in time sheets are imported and exported:
    • Invisible columns are ignored when writing and reading fields.
    • Column ordering controls the order in which fields are written and read.
    • Control visibility and indices of columns in "Tools | Project Options | Sheets and columns".

configuration of columns in time sheets

  • When often doing import and export of time sheets:
    • You can have multiple projects point to the same project directory:
      • The project directory is where all project time sheets are stored.
      • Set this option from: "Tools | Project Options | Project".
      • You can create projects to handle time sheets csv import and export.
    • Import and export of time sheets example:
      • Your main project file: "c:\time-sheets\example.tsp".
      • Your import project file: "c:\time-sheets\example-import.tsp".
      • Your export project file: "c:\time-sheets\example-export.tsp".
      • Your common project directory: "c:\time-sheets\example\".
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