ASP.Net Web.sitemap and XML Sitemap Provider

ASP.Net Web.sitemap Tutorial. Create ASP.Net sitemaps used by XML Sitemap Provider for navigation controls including menus.

ASP.Net Web.sitemap

Sitemaps in ASP.Net first appeared in ASP.Net 2.0.

Before you can start using XML Sitemap Provider and associated navigation controls such as TreeView (treeview), Menu (menu) and SiteMapPath (breadcrumb), you need to create a XML sitemap called Web.sitemap for your ASP.Net driven websites.

You can use TechSEO360 for this purpose. This tutorial will not change any settings as defaults will work fine for the majority of all ASP.Net websites.

Sitemap Generator Finds All Pages in ASP.Net Website

Before creating any website sitemap, TechSEO360 needs to crawl your site. A1 Sitemap Generator can be configured to support robots text file, meta noindex and nofollow tags, login systems etc. However, with the majority of all websites you can just type the website path and start scanning!

asp sitemap scan website

Check All Links in ASP dot NET Website

After A1 Sitemap Generator has finished the website scan, you are shown results in a tree site structure. You can see information about ingoing and outgoing links, check for HTML/CSS issues etc. After you are done viewing results, click Create sitemap.

asp sitemap website check

Creating ASP.Net Website XML Sitemap File

After choosing ASP.Net Web.sitemap click Build selected. This creates the ASP.Net website sitemap file which can be used by XML sitemap provider and navigation controls.

asp net create sitemap

View Created ASP.Net Web.sitemap File

When TechSEO360 has created the ASP.Net Web.Sitemap file, the XML sitemap file source is shown. You can also view the generated file in various internet browsers.

view asp net sitemap

More About ASP.Net and Web.sitemap Navigation

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