Sitemap Generator for WordPress

WordPress sitemaps are easy to create using our sitemap generator tool. This includes HTML, XML, image and video sitemaps.

WordPress Websites and Getting Best Results

WordPress is extremely easy creating sitemaps for. Just hit Start scan when you have entered your WordPress website address.

If you do not want WordPress category and tag pages included in the finished sitemaps, you can exclude these in the sitemap generator options.

A1 Sitemap Generator comes with a preset configuration optimized for creating WordPress sitemaps. Just click the Quick presets... button and choose WordPress CMS/Blog website....

Note: You can combine presets, e.g. WordPress + image sitemap configuration presets. (Image sitemaps extend the normal XML sitemaps protocol created by Google.)
A1 Sitemap Generator
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Build all kinds of sitemaps including text, visual HTML / CSS, RSS, XML, image, video, news and mobile for all your websites no matter the platform they use.
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