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Launcher information:
  • Free 30 days evaluation period. Download file size 3.70 MB.
  • Price $29 includes all 2.x releases and one year of free upgrades.
  • Runs on Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2008 / 2003.
  • Purchase version 2.x of Launcher if you have not done so already.
  • Download latest version for Windows. See all downloads for older versions.

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Check the official page and online help.
Launcher 2.3.3 update #4 :
  • The "Manage Items" window now supports doubleclicking items to launch them.
  • You can now have the "Manage Items" opened by global keyboard shortcut.

Launcher 2.3.3 update #3 :
  • Reenabled single instancing check.

Launcher 2.3.3 update #2 :
  • Various small fixes and improvements.

Launcher 2.3.3 update #1 :
  • Various small fixes and improvements.

Launcher 2.3.3 :
  • Switched back to the old original "before 2013" Launcher icon.

Launcher 2.3.2 :
  • Added an option to control if "manage items" is automatially shown on startup.

Launcher 2.3.1 :
  • Fixed a small user-unfriendly glitch when typing in menu separator captions.

Launcher 2.3.0 :
  • Global Launcher keyboard shorcut now works again in Windows 10.
  • Merged "Pro" and "Free" editions into the same download.

Launcher 2.2.0 :
  • Some important bug fixes and improvements.

Launcher 2.1.0 :
  • Some important bug fixes and improvements.

Launcher 2.0.1 :
  • Bug fixes

Launcher 2.0.0 update #3 :
  • Launcher program keyboard shortcut now accepts a wider range of combinations.

Launcher 2.0.0 update #2 :
  • Added more logging and error checking in shortcuts save routine.

Launcher 2.0.0 update #1 :
  • Some small improvements various places.

Launcher 2.0.0 [Pro] update #1 :
  • One can now have a folder-of-shortcuts launched when Launcher starts.

Launcher 2.0.0 :
  • New program icon.
  • Some small improvements various places.

Launcher 2.0.0 [Pro] :
  • Folders can now launch all shortcuts in them with a single click.
  • The change from 1.x [pro] to 2.x [pro] is free for 1.x customers (!) Just download and install the new version like any normal Launcher release.

Launcher 1.9.9 #update2 :
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Launcher 1.9.9 #update1 :
  • Made the "Find and attach" open dialog accept multiple files in one selection.
  • First attempt: Solved the problem with drag-and-drop from Windows explorer shell into Launcher if Launcher is running elevated compared to Windows Shell.

Launcher 1.9.9 :
  • Error log now visible from "About" menu. (And now logging more errors.)
  • Further changes to save routine to make it more robust.

Launcher 1.9.8 :
  • Save now performs a test for create/read/delete file access/rights.

Launcher 1.9.7 :
  • Small changes to shortcuts save behavior.
  • Added an option "make a backup" you can enable before saving shortcuts. Backups are stored in the "user data directory" just like shortcuts data.

Launcher 1.9.6 :
  • Small changes to shortcuts save behavior.

Launcher 1.9.5 :
  • Various fixes in custom menu drawing.
  • Did so for custom menu drawing, menus resize immediately to font size changes.
  • Small changes to shortcuts save behavior.

Launcher 1.9.4 :
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

Launcher 1.9.3 :
  • Fixed a bug that could occur with specifc folder names.

Launcher 1.9.2 :
  • Various bug fixes.

Launcher 1.9.1 :
  • Some help file improvements.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause error in Launcher.

Launcher 1.9.0 :
  • Corrected a mismatch between help and program concerning portable mode.

Launcher 1.8.9 :
  • Fixed an issue related to using the embedded IE browser.

Launcher 1.8.8 :
  • Miscellaneous small improvements.

Launcher 1.8.7 :
  • Improved save shortcuts code to be faster.
  • Improved load shortcuts code to be faster.

Launcher 1.8.6 :
  • Improved save shortcuts code to be more fast and error resistant.

Launcher 1.8.5 :
  • Translated to Swedish by Åke Engelbrektson. Thanks! :)
  • Some improvements in URL shortcuts.
  • Some other fixes of potential issues on multi monitor setups.

Launcher 1.8.4 :
  • Added better support for various internet file shortcuts.

Launcher 1.8.3 :
  • Various minor improvements various places.

Launcher 1.8.2 :
  • Updated help.

Launcher 1.8.1 :
  • Various enhancements of handling various rare file types.
  • Dutch translation updated by Adriaan Vermeer. Thanks!

Launcher 1.8.0 :
  • Was finally able to reproduce a bug "imageindex out of bounds" with help from a customer.

Launcher 1.7.9 :
  • Some minute usability improvements.

Launcher 1.7.8 :
  • Some moderate usability improvements.(Based on feedback.)

Launcher 1.7.7 :
  • Some minor usability improvements. (Based on feedback.)

Launcher 1.7.6 :
  • Some minor usability improvements. (Based on feedback.)

Launcher 1.7.5 :
  • Minor cosmetic changes.

Launcher 1.7.4 :
  • Launcher can now handle and create shortcuts to CPL (control panel) files.

Launcher 1.7.3 :
  • Dutch translation by Adriaan Vermeer

Launcher 1.7.3 [Free] :
  • Fixed error where shortcuts dropped into Launcher from outside were forced to have the "Run as admin" flag on.

Launcher 1.7.2 :
  • Updated installer version used.

Launcher 1.7.1 :
  • Fixed critial bug.

Launcher 1.7.0 :
  • Misc updates

Launcher 1.7.0 [Pro] :
  • Added some more program window launch modes.

Launcher 1.6.7 :
  • Misc updates

Launcher 1.6.6 :
  • Fixed bug that could occur when extracting icons in Windows Vista.
  • Fixed an issue with taskbar and systray code in Windows Vista / windows 7.

Launcher 1.6.5 :
  • Fixed bug that could occur when dropping files from Windows Explorer into the "manage items" tree view.

Launcher 1.6.4 :
  • Various visual enhancements.
  • Added swap up/and buttons in "manage items".

Launcher 1.6.4 [Pro] :
  • Added a "run as" option for better Windows Vista support.
  • Fixed bug regarding configuration of "work directory" paths.

Launcher 1.6.3 :
  • Fixed issue with custom drawing of menu items.
  • Fixed a problem with the update/history window.

Launcher 1.6.2 :
  • Various updates and fixes.

Launcher 1.6.1 :
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

Launcher 1.6.0 :
  • Fixed various bugs.
  • There is now two versions of Launcher: - Launcher "Free" as freeware and continues to get bug fixes. - Launcher "Pro" as shareware and will get further development.

I hope most of you think this is fair and will help me justify developing the program further with new features. Remember, the Launcher program you know will continue to be free and get bug fixes.
Launcher 1.6.0 [Pro] :
  • Added "work directory" option for shortcuts.
  • Added "window maximized" option for shortcuts.

Launcher 1.5.8 :
  • Fixed various bugs, all caused by incorrect code for identifying builtin items. Affected "Attach", drag-and-drop of items and possibly other things.
  • Program got translated to German by Michael Motylewski, michael#motylewski.de

Launcher 1.5.7 :
  • Various improvements and bug fixes.

Launcher 1.5.6 :
  • Romanian translation by Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu, muntealb#gmail.com

Launcher 1.5.5 :
  • Italien translation by Gianfranco Minischetti, http://gianfrancom.altervista.org

Launcher 1.5.4 :
  • Can now handle translated right-to-left languages.

Launcher 1.5.3 :
  • Spanish translation by Manuel R. Medina, http://www.fifamexico.com
  • Did so Launcher better could operate under limited user accounts.
  • Lots of minor updates here and there.

Launcher 1.5.2 :
  • Can now store paths relative to application directory. After adding an item, you can now correct the path used. Can be useful when using e.g. USB sticks.

Launcher 1.5.1 :
  • Program has been translated to French by Ted! Thanks!
  • Miscellaneous minor adjustments.

Launcher 1.5.0 :
  • Ported all code into a common application / deployment framework of mine.
  • Added support for language translations.
  • Added some support for Asian multibyte character set (MBCS).
  • Added a few more options and improved the user interface a little.

Launcher 1.46 :
  • Changed the "user" path (if so selected, see history for version 1.44) from "C:\Documents and Settings\%user%\Application Data\Micro-Sys\Launcher\" to "C:\Documents and Settings\%user%\Documents\Micro-Sys\Launcher\". Doing this allows "limited" user accounts to view "Launcher files", e.g. from "Explorer". The transition is transparent and automatically done at program start.
  • Miscellaneous minor adjustments.

Launcher 1.44 :
  • Added support for running Launcher under limited user accounts. Part of that is that all user accounts now can have their own data (setup and shortcuts). Above behavior is optional and configurable under installation. This setting is stored in file "glc.ini" at key "DataAccess" with valid values being "user" and "all".
  • Added an option to have fonts shown in bold. You can change this setting in "launcher.ini" by editing the value for the key "FontStyleBold".

Launcher 1.42 :
  • Fixed a bug where one could not change caption texts of added items.
  • Fixed a bug with drawing icons/bitmaps of items just added.
  • Fixed a bug where "item-type" of e.g. separator items was wrong.
  • Fixed a bug where program icons/bitmaps transparency would "degrade".
  • Fixed a bug where files with no extension had a "directory" icon associated with them.
  • Miscellaneous minor adjustments and bug fixes.

Launcher 1.36 :
  • Added support for parameters with following batch and script file types: "bat", "cmd", "wsf", and "wsh".
  • Fixed a bug that could occur if one with right mouse button selected an item in "Manage Items".
  • Added a new option "DrawMenuBar" in "launcher.ini". If Launcher is configured to let Windows default draw everything this setting is ignored. Else this setting decides if an extra "bar" is painted to the left of all "sub-popup-menus" (like it always does for "System -> Launcher Kit" if Launcher is set to handle drawing).
  • Miscellaneous minor and moderate adjustments and bug fixes.

Launcher 1.32 :
  • Added "CTRL+L" as default keyboard shotcut for opening the launcher-menu. It will pop-up where the mouse cursor is placed. You can change the shortcut in "launcer.ini" by editing the value for the key "OpenLauncherHotkey".

Launcher 1.31 :
  • Fixed a small glitch that could cause launched applications to misbehave.

Launcher 1.30 :
  • Added XP themes support.
  • In general added better support for themes.
  • Fixed some minor painting glitches (some relating to above point).
  • Fixed a bug where a wrong image appeared for items representing directories.
  • Fixed a bug where a wrong description was shown for "Top" items.
  • Fixed a bug in "Sweep Items" in "Items Manager" (it would delete virtual folders).
  • Fixed/Added dereferencing of links, see ^1.
  • Removed the "N/A" as default parameter to executables. It should only have shown and used that with items that could not be executed. ! This Only works for new items added.

Launcher 1.14 :
  • Made miscellaneous minor adjustments.

Launcher 1.13 :
  • Fixed a bug that could hinder ".exe" items parameters in working.

Launcher 1.12 :
  • Made the help a lot clearer on how to add and attach items.
  • Made miscellaneous changes and improvements.
  • Improved the "tray" menus keyboard navigation functionality.
  • Fixed a few memory leak bugs (16509 bytes). There are now no known memory leaks.
  • Fixed a bug where images could get temporarily mixed up in "Manage Items".
  • Fixed a bug where saving item changes / closing "Manage Items" could result in a crash.
  • Fixed miscellaneous other bugs.

Launcher 1.00 (2001-06-04 / yyyy-mm-dd) :
  • The first released edition.

Launcher 0.?? (199?-??-??) :
  • I believe I started developing this program back in 1998 as my first "larger" project. Before then, I had just been playing with making small test programs. Enough said, this program took a lot of research and time to make work :-) My first usenet post related to developing this program seems to be from 1999.

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