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All information about updates and upgrades. Download and install newest software version of our Automation Batch Tools tool.
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Check If Eligible to The Latest Version

If you have purchased Automation Batch Tools you should first make sure that your existing license makes you eligible to use the latest version.

Quote from our ordering page:
Updates to 3.x series :
  • Updates are lifetime free.
Upgrades from 3.x to 4.x :
  • Upgrades released within one year of the purchase are free.

Download and Install The Newest Automation Batch Tools Version

Use this link to download the most recent non-beta version.

How to Install The Automation Batch Tools Tool

Installing new automation batch tools versions are usually very easy. There is no need to uninstall the old version of our automation batch tools software first.

The installer will automatically insert the correct paths if it finds an earlier version within the same series installed.

How to Unlock and Register The Program

Should you encounter any problems (e.g. if installing on a new computer) you can follow the process outlined in the registration email.

If you need further help, check this step-by-step unlock and registration guide for our automation batch tools software.

The Download Disapears in Internet Browser

Depending on your internet browser configuration, the download window may disapear when your browser has finished downloading. This can sometimes make it difficult to locate where downloaded files have been placed. The solution is to:
  • Right-click on download link.
  • Choose "save as", "download as", "select destination" or similar.
  • Check using Windows Explorer when the download has finished or has disapeared in internet browser.

The Download is Corrupted or Not Valid Executable

Above errors can occur if the download somehow did not fully complete but stopped e.g. midway. There can be many reasons to this, but usually the problem will be solved by simply downloading the file again.

For more information about installing, see the help page about installing and data paths.

Extra or Updated Automation Batch Tools Files Online

Whenever there are significant updates, the automation batch tools program download is updated. However, sometimes minor updates are first made available separately. This is usually the case for:
  • The online help for Automation Batch Tools is updated continuously.
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If you email any questions, chances are that he will be the one answering them.
Automation Batch ToolsAbout Automation Batch Tools

Automation Batch Tools is a tool for automation and batch processing of repetitive tasks on the computer. Automate all sorts of file and web related jobs you need to have done on many files.
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