Firewall Causes Problems for Automation Batch Tools

While our automation batch tools tool uses normal standard internet requests, some firewall solutions will still block all unknown software.

How Firewalls Interact With Internet Enabled Software

Most firewall software programs default to silently block all internet enabled applications unless explicitly specified otherwise in configuration:

How Internet Security Solutions Can Block Installation

Antivirus and other internet security solutions can sometimes cause problems when you are trying to download, install and run our software.

This usually only happens if we have just released a new version of Automation Batch Tools and the download is thus considered rarely encountered.

If that happens the installation and the following launch may appear erratic, partially blocked and give error messages. In such cases check your antivirus log.

Solutions to Get Automation Batch Tools Installed

AVG CyberCapture : Rare File:
There are two possible solutions:
  1. Submit the file to AVG and wait.
  2. Turn off file execution scan while installing.

Solutions to Get Our Automation Batch Tools Working

NOD32 client version 3:
  • View advanced mode
  • Select Setup
  • Click - Antivirus and antispyware
  • In Web access protection click Configure
  • Expand HTTP and click Web browsers
  • NOD32 will automatically consider" Automation Batch Tools as web browser" (checked) - you must uncheck it for Automation Batch Tools to work.

Norton 360:
  • Whitelist / add the program Automation Batch Tools in Program Rules

ESET Smart Security:
  • Set it to learning mode.

  • Take note if the websites you crawl contain links to or uses resources from unsafe websites.

Kaspersky anti-virus:
  • Pause it

Other software and hardware firewall solutions:
  • Investigate possible logs and options.
Automation Batch Tools
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Automation Batch Tools is a tool for automation and batch processing of repetitive tasks on the computer. Automate all sorts of file and web related jobs you need to have done on many files.
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