Newsletter #8: We Need Your Feedback

Sepember 29, 2013
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Winter Is Coming

But for now, Autumn is here. This newsletter edition contains a mix of news related to our own products and offerings from our partners.

We Need Ideas for SEO and Webmaster Apps

Besides improvements in A1 Sitemap Generator, A1 Website Analyzer and A1 Website Download, the 3 other A1 products also got a significant feature and functionality boost. These are A1 Website Scraper, A1 Website Seach Engine and A1 Keyword Tools.

We recently asked a question at our Google Plus company profile: https://plus.google.com/116855331479961975324/posts/6J1mZB8tgkR
What would you like to have in a SEO app? If you were to choose a subset of features in the A1 tools (and SEO/webmaster tools in general) that would be useful to have on mobile and tablets - what would they be?

Are you ever using mobile devices (or could you imagine doing so) at clients to quickly check websites and their SEO?
Please pitch in if you have ideas for us to pursue, and you might soon see them available for Android and iOS.

Upcoming Features for A1 Website Analyzer

If you read our last newslettter, you would have noticed we have been polishing this tool, and written a large article on how you can do SEO site audits with it: http://www.microsystools.com/products/website-analyzer/help/site-analysis-seo-audit/ If you have not already done so, be sure to take a look and share it with your colleagues.

We are currently collecting a todo list of features we want to implement for the 4.x and 5.x version series. Therefore, if you have suggestions, please post them here: https://plus.google.com/116855331479961975324/posts/9Ln7LFgsUfx
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If you email any questions, chances are that he will be the one answering them.
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