Newsletter #11: A1 Version 6.0 Releases and Discounts

December 10, 2014
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A1 Tools Version 6.0 Released
- This release includes many improvements in all the A1 products

Besides improvements in A1 Sitemap Generator, A1 Website Analyzer and A1 Website Download, the 3 other A1 products also got a significant feature and functionality boost. These are A1 Website Scraper, A1 Website Seach Engine and A1 Keyword Tools.

You can download them all from http://www.microsystools.com - remember you may be eligible to a free or discounted upgrade. If your last purchase was version 5.x, there is a good chance it is a free upgrade. If 4.x, there is a good chance you can get a free 5.x upgrade and then a discounted 6.x upgrade. To check, simply go to the product page and select the upgrade link in the upper right corner.

Happy Holidays Discounts
- Have you been waiting for an opportunity to try our other tools?

Now is the time to try them since we are offering a xx% discount on any of our tools that you do not already own. This offer lasts throughout all December giving you ample time to download and try our software.

Remember: We are happy to give support on all our products. This includes questions on how to use the software, how to best crawl your website, solve problems or how to run the software on your Mac OSX desktop using virtualization software. We also appreciate all feature requests and feedback.

The discount code is: HOLIDAYS2014 - to use it, click any of the "buy now" buttons at our website. You can then enter the coupon code at the same page as where you enter your other payment information.

Please Share
- Do you have a friend or co-worker who could use our tools?

Please share this email with your friends and work colleagues. We are not a big company, and so we rely on people telling others about our products through word of mouth, email and social media like Google+, Twitter and Facebook. Thank you so much!
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