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September 7, 2011
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Our Thanks To All Subscribers

As all our existing customers now have had ample time to join the newsletter, we felt it was time to release the first edition! In particular since some have asked about the special promotion codes we mentioned would be available in the newsletter now and then.

As thanks to all those who signed up, all existing subscribers can for the rest of the month get 50% off on their next single-user license purchase on any of our products we sell online, i.e. A1 Sitemap Generator, A1 Website Analyzer, A1 Keyword Research, A1 Website Scraper, A1 Website Download, Launcher (Pro), TimeSage Timesheets (Pro) and Automation Batch Tools.

(How to get the discount is written in the email version of the newsletter. Forgot to subscribe? If you hurry followed by emailing us, it is not too late.)

Development of Our Existing Products

We are as always working hard on improving our tools, so we recommend you download and install the latest releases at regular intervals. Remember that updates to whatever major version you purchased are always free! Example: If you bought version 1.0.0 then 1.9.9 is considered an update and therefore always free. In such cases, simply get the new release by clicking the "download" link on the product page!

New Tool For Webmasters Coming Soon

We are currently working on a website search engine builder tool. It will allow you to easily setup search engine functionality for offline media such as CDs and online media such as websites. We are aiming for a solution that will be cost effective, easy to install, without any forced branding and able to deliver high quality search results!

It is by combining and extending technology already found in our keyword analysis and website analysis tools that we are creating this new product for webmasters, website owners and offline media publishers. As we continually build and expand our website tools technology, we will also be improving our custom search engine solution, e.g. by adding more "scoring" metrics in page content analysis used for ranking search results.

The first public release of this upcoming tool is expected in late 2011. (But can be delayed to early 2012 in case beta testing takes longer then expected.)

Social Media

If you like one of our products, please consider telling others! On all website pages including e.g. our sitemapper solution, there is a link at the far top right called "Like and share". Clicking on it takes you to a page with social buttons for Google +1, Facebook like, Twitter tweet, StumpleUpon and more. We really appreciate everyone helping us :)

Speaking of social media, remember that you can follow us on twitter where we post product news and updates on regular basis. You can also engage with us online on our official support forum. We are always happy to receive and discuss ideas :)
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If you email any questions, chances are that he will be the one answering them.
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