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December 19, 2011
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Merry XMAS and Happy New Year to All

Seeing that XMAS is coming we wanted to send out a new issue that contained both product news and discounts. Happy holidays to you all!

New Website Search Engine Program Released

We mentioned the plans about this in both our support forum, tweets and elsewhere, yet it continued to drag out as I was buy adding features to the existing Microsys tools. We are happy to announce that we recently released the A1 Website Search Engine tool.

In its present version, it features a unique Javascript search engine builder that beats similar solutions in search quality and file size.

It uses technology found in A1 Website Analyzer and A1 Keyword Research to generate a search and score index taking content in pages (including weighing e.g. titles and headers higher than normal content), internal linking structure and other factors into consideration.

While the Javascript search engine is mostly useful to smaller websites (500-1000 pages) and offline media, a PHP/database search engine solutions will be soon added to the types of search engines that can be created.

XMAS Discount for Our Products

For the rest of December and a few days into January we are going to offer a 30% XMAS discount code. This offer is good for all our products and whatever number of licenses you want :)

(How to get the discount is written in the email version of the newsletter. Forgot to subscribe? If you hurry followed by emailing us, it is not too late.)

Development of Our Existing Products

We are as always working hard on improving our tools, so we recommend you download and install the latest releases at regular intervals. Remember that updates to whatever major version you purchased are always free! Example: If you bought version 1.0.0 then 1.9.9 is considered an update and therefore always free. In such cases, simply get the new release by clicking the "download" link on the product page!

Social Media

If you like our tools, please let other people know :) All pages in our website includes a link called "Like and share" at the far top right. Clicking on it takes you to a page with social buttons for Google +1, Facebook like, Twitter tweet, StumpleUpon and more. We really appreciate everyone helping us.
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If you email any questions, chances are that he will be the one answering them.
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