Explanation of The Differences Between License Types

Learn about the general differences between freeware, shareware and similar license types.

Overview of Software License Types

Please notice that you should always make sure to read the license that accompanies all our products. Underneath just serves as some general guidelines.

List of general descriptions:
  • Freeware:
    • Software that does not cost money to have and use.
  • Freemium:
    • Software or service that has a free mode with basic features and a paid mode with more advanced functionality.
  • Shareware:
    • Software you can evaluate for a period of time before deciding if you want it or not. If you want to keep the software beyond the trial period, you have to pay.
  • Trialware:
    • Similar to shareware, just with more emphasis on the trial part.
  • Try before you buy:
    • Similar to shareware and trialware.

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