FTP Upload Website Search Engine Files Created

Website search engine tool includes FTP upload support of all website search related files.

Find Your Website Host FTP information

Before doing anything else, you need the FTP information provided by your website host. If you do not have it, ask your webhost. Make sure you have the correct information and test it works in FTP client software such as e.g. FileZilla which is a free FTP client tool. It can often be a good idea to clone settings from a FTP client program where you can login and transfer files successfully successfully.

FTP Upload Configuration in Website Search Engine Program

You can FTP upload all files created by our website search engine software from within the built-in FTP client. This usually includes both generated search engine index and search engine code files.

The FTP configuration options in our website search engine program is similar to that of most FTP client tools.

website search engine ftp upload

When setting the FTP upload directory path, remember following things:
  • Most website hosts have the files viewablee from the outside (as seen by a webbrowser) placed in a subdirectory compared to where FTP software logs in.

    FTP upload directory path examples that assume the domain visible to the outside is http://example.com/:
    • Normal domains: /htdocs/, /public/, /public_html/, /html/ or similar.
    • Addon domains: /html/example.com/, /public/example.com/ etc.
  • If unsure what your FTP upload directory path should be:
    • Find the directory where your index file, e.g. index.html or index.php, for the given domain is located.
    • Ask your webhost administrator or support team.
  • FTP login trouble shooting:
    • Try enable/disable passive FTP connection mode. This can solve some FTP firewall problems.
    • Did you save the project file at another computer? Enter your password again.
    • Login username and password are most likely case sensitive.
    • Make sure the FTP Port number is correct.

Starting Files FTP Upload and Tracking Progress

To start FTP upload click button:
  • Upload now to upload the generated search engine files.

You can view the FTP upload progress as it happens.

Configuring FTP Upload for Security

Please note that at present:
  • FTPS (FTP/SSL/TLS) support is available if following the steps below.
  • SFTP (SSH FTP) support is not available.

To configure FTPS you first need to
  • Set Upload files| FTP options | Protocol to ftps:// or ftpes://.
  • Configure Upload files| FTP options | Port.
  • Configure Upload files| FTP options | Connection mode.
  • Download compatible version of OpenSSL or LibreSSL and set path in General options and tools | Tool paths:

    website search engine ssl ftp upload
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