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Download and Install Ajour

On Windows you can simply run the .exe to install. Current releases are signed with a SHA2 certificate which all recent Windows versions support. If you are using Windows XP or an even older version SHA2 certificates are not supported. Therefore you will get a warning about the certificate when trying to run the installer.
Filename Platform Version Package type Release type
ajour-setup-5-6-3.exe Windows 5 Installer Standard build
ajour-setup-5-6-4-beta.exe Windows 5 Installer Beta release
ajour-setup-5-6-4.exe Windows 5 Installer Standard build
ajour-setup.exe Windows 5.6.4 Installer Standard build

Understanding Which File to Download

Some of the installers and installed executables have beeen optimized for specific operating systems or computers.

The availability of optimized installed executables may also depend on the version you install. If you are running a very old operating system version, you may need to try download one of the older versions.

In case an installer or executable is optimized for a certain operating system or computer the following shorthands are used:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows 2008
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Or newer

  • Windows NT 4
  • Will usually also run on W2K - Windows 2000 or newer

  • Windows 95 - may not always work. To try solve, install all possible updates including Internet Explorer.
  • Windows 98
  • Windows Millennium Edition (Windows ME)
  • Will usually also run on W2K - Windows 2000 or newer

  • Currently this usually means Windows XP or newer.
  • However, if you are downloading an old version it may have support for even older versions.

32 bit: Intel CPU compatible x86 32bit program (can still run on e.g. Windows 64bit versions including Windows 7 64bit)
64 bit: Intel CPU compatible x64 64bit program

Codepage: Program can some places best show/handle languages related to current Windows language configuration.
Unicode: Program can show/handle whatever combination and number of languages.

Alpha: Early release (very much so) only meant for testers.
Beta: Early release (somewhat at least) only meant for testers.

How to Run Ajour On Other Platforms

If you are using a version or download that does not natively support your operating system you can try find a virtual machine, emulation or system library that will allow you to run our software anyhow:

  • Linux using Windows builds:
    • WINE: Executes Windows application + patch/redirect all Windows calls to native Linux WINE libraries (which emulate Windows behavior).
  • Mac OS using Windows builds:
    • VMWare Fusion: Windows OS virtualization
    • Parallels: Windows OS virtualization
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