Microsys or Micro-Sys

The history behind our company name

The Early Days of Computing

In 1971 Henning Schulz got the opportunity to use a kind of table-top mini computer programmable in BASIC. Soon after the concept behind Micro-Sys dawned and his primary focus shifted to writing professional software for companies that utilized personal computers.

Computers and Micro Systems

In 1977, Henning Schulz worked on designing an affordable computer based on Intel technology including software for normal business purposes like budgeting, production planning and the like.

The business plan was to make EDP (electronic data processing) available for businesses too small to invest in the traditional technology.

Custom Software Development

In 1978 Micro-Sys became a registered company and in 1980 as an ApS, a Danish term for private limited company, both things in Denmark.

The hardware part was never finished as cheaper alternatives came to market. However, the name Microsys, or in fact Micro-Sys, still encapsulated the core essence of the company, sofware development.

Your PC Partner

Back when Microsys was established, computers used by small businesses were referred to as personal computers. These were revolutionizing many small businesses who could suddenly have customers in databases and invoice them much more easily.

Hence Your PC Partner was one of our first and longest running slogans. As a Danish company, it was of course primarily in Danish: Din PC Partner.

The Reason Behind The Name Micro-Sys

Deciding on a company name for this business was not a trivial issue, and a lot of ideas for possible names came up; among these was a certain name used by someone in Seattle for micro computer software.

In the end though, as the concept included hardware, i.e. complete micro computer system with hardware and software, the name became Microsys. However, to make the name more flexible for other concepts in the future, a dash was introduced, Microsys became Micro-Sys.

We Use Both Micro-Sys and Microsys

Microsys logo, designed in 1986 and later revised in 1994
Micro-Sys is our officially registered name. However, not everybody remembers the dash, probably because our company name is pronounced microsys.

Because of the history behind the name, we have also registered Microsys as an official company alias / secondary name.

Above considerations have also influenced our web strategy. As a result, we have multiple domain names to cover most of our markets and spellings including:
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