About Anti Virus and Firewall Tools, Security and False Positives

Anti virus and firewall tools are vital. However, it is also important to know such tools can report false positives.
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Security Solutions and Best Practices

Security software such as ant ti virus and firwall can often flag safe programs and safe traffic as potential threats. Therefore, whenever your securituy software flags something, make sure to:
  • You know exactly what computer security product and version you are using.
  • You have made sure to update it to latest version and security definition updates.
  • You are still on active subscription.
  • Consider: Confirm your potential threat findings with other similar tools.

Double check the reported threats using online services such as:
You should also always follow these general security tips:
  • Avoid using the same password on multiple websites.
  • Never use passwords for important services (e.g. banks etc.) other places.
  • Only share personal information to the extent you feel comfortable and safe doing.
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