A1 Website Analyzer Version 2.3 Released

August 16, 2010 - Microsys releases A1 Website Analyzer version 2.3 series. A1 Website Analyzer is a complete website checker tool. Learn about broken links and redirects, HTML and CSS errors, spelling typos and how your internal link juice is distributed.

A1 Website Analyzer Program Version 2.3 Now Released

A1 Website Analyzer is a website checker and analysis tool. Scan and check all pages in entire website in one scan to discover and solve website crawl problems such as:

Broken links and redirects, HTML and CSS validation errors, spelling errors and typos, too large files, link juice flow distribution to important pages and much more.

After website scan you can view all kinds of information of all URLs with 25 columns of data available. Customize columns and filter the results, then export the data to CSV files suitable for reporting in a variety of tools like Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc and similar.

The website crawler engine in the A1 Website Analyzer program has options to support multiple simultaneous connections, crawler and output filters, canonical tag, robots.txt, nofollow, noindex, meta tag redirects, custom connect and read timeout values, removal of session IDs in URLs, multiple crawl start paths etc.

Pricing and Availability

A1 Website Analyzer runs under all Windows platforms (from Windows 95 to Windows 7) and costs $59 (US). The A1 Website Analyzer program trial is fully-functional and allows to scan and analyze all data found during site crawl. Further information on the software tool, as well as its free evaluation copy, is available at the product page. It is possible to buy the website analyzer program from the Microsys website. The program comes with an installer and uninstaller. The user interface is available in different languages either partly or fully translated (Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian).

About Microsys

Microsys is located in Aarhus, Denmark. The company is proud to be a member of the Association of Software Professionals. For further information about Microsys visit http://www.microsystools.com/. You will also find all contact information there.

Press Release Summary

A1 Website Analyzer is the complete website checker and analysis tool. Verify and check all pages in your entire website in one single website crawl to discover and solve website issues such as:
  • Broken links and redirects
  • HTML and CSS validation errors
  • Spelling errors and typos
  • Too large files
  • Link juice flow distribution to important pages
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