Website Consulting

Programming, SEO and website analysis

Help with Website Optimization and SEO

Sometimes an outside look on a website can be useful for even the best. If you have problems with search engine opimization or some technical aspect of your website we can help with:
  • Configuring your website(s) at your webhost.
  • Creating HTML, XML, image and video sitemaps.
  • Keyword and optimization.
  • Ideas on how to remove duplicate content.
  • Ideas on how to remove/merge thin content.
  • Ideas on how to create fresh quality content.
  • Website URL structure.
  • Improve markup for better ranking in search results.
  • Improve markup for more clickthroughs in search results.
  • Configure .htaccess, robots.txt etc.
  • Configure Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Create social media accounts.
  • And more...

If you are unsure what you need to get done on your website, You can also choose to pick our brain, and have us analyze your website.

We will then report back with a list of specific ideas on how to make improvements to your on-page SEO, website and brand on the internet. Followup over email is included in case you have questions regarding any of the suggestions.

If you are at a point, where you are considering various website promotion strategies, we can also help by discussing the various benefits and risks. This includes recommending various strategies for acquiring natural backlinks instead of resorting to methods that have a high risk of being penalized by search engines.

Website Programming

We can help with small and large website programming tasks including:
  • Larger rewrites of website sections unrelated to SEO.
  • SEO optimizations such as ensuring all shopping pages generate unique descriptions + link related products.

WordPress Websites for Small Businesses

For small niche or business websites, WordPress is a very good CMS platform which makes both SEO and adding new content easy.

Since we create many websites based on this platform, we can help
  • Install and configure WordPress.
  • Install and configue plugins.
  • SEO optimize the website for your content.
  • Make adjustments to the template and layout used.

Our Own Websites and Services

We also run some websites ourselves:

Our Other Services

Contact Us

Please contact us if you have any questions or need a price quote.

Note: If you provide detailed information, we will be better able to answer your questions and give price quotes.
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