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With A1 Keyword Research you can simultaneously check many website positions and keyword rankings in search engines.
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A1 Keyword Research and Position Rank Checker

To start rank checking websites for various keyword postions do the following:
  • Write which websites you want to find position ranks results for.
  • Write the keywords you want to have position rank checked.
  • Select the search engines you wish to run postion rank checker against.
  • Optional: Increase default delays used when doing position checking.
  • Optional: Choose proxy to use in General options | Internet crawler | HTTP proxy settings

keyword website position check

Manually Position Checking Search Results

It is important to remember that positions and rankings in search results are influenced by many factors. Some of these factors can make past, present and future position checking results appear fluctuating or wrong at first glance. With Google the factors are and have been:
  • The country you are located in.
  • The country of the Google search domain you are using (e.g. google.de versus google.us)
  • Datacenter used within the Google search domain you are using.
  • If you are logged into your Google account (e.g. GMail, Adwords, Adsense, Analytics etc.) or otherwise tracked, e.g. by cookies.
  • That your system is not compromised by 3rd party rewriting search results inside internet browser.
  • Extreme localization for search queries that are local to the area your IP address is in.

To ensure most correct results in tests, you can:
  • Test against country specific versions, e.g. google.us and google.de.
  • Do so Google thinks your language is the same as the chosen domain, e.g. "Deutsch" if using "google.de".
  • Measure the trends (is it up or down over a period of time), not exact position results.

Website Position Check History in A1 Keyword Research

You can view website position history for all saved website position checking results.

keyword website position history

Note: When saving position history for keywords and phrases they become available for quick selection in various SEO and PPC tools.
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