Upgrade A1 Keyword Research

If you already own A1 Keyword Research version 7.x or older you are eligible to a free or discounted version 8.x upgrade.

A1 Keyword Research Upgrade

Upgrade your old license for A1 Keyword Research version 7.x or older to version 8.x here.

Most purchases of software and upgrades include:
  • Free updates within the version: 8.0.0 to 8.9.9
  • Some period of free upgrades: 8.x to 9.x

To see if are entitled to a free upgrade or discounted paid upgrade, just fill in your old license id and follow the instructions.
Check for access to a free or paid upgrade
Type your license id. See further below if in doubt.

License ID:

You can always contact us including if:
  • You need a discounted paid upgrade for a multiple users license.
  • You encountered problems with upgrade steps.
  • You need help for whatever reason.

Finding Your License ID

  • Note: Depending on date of purchase, the registration unlock email may list the License ID at the bottom.

  • Retrieve the license ID from within A1 Keyword Research:
    • Open A1 Keyword Research.
    • In top menu find Help > Enter code.
    • Click Unlock.
    • Your license information is now visible.

find license id

Version 8.x and Upgrading

If you are upgrading to 8.x, you will also need to download it.

If you already have 8.x, simply download the newest version.

You can always find the newest release available at the product page.

After the download has finished, run the installation/setup file.

Installing New and Old Versions

  • You can download most major versions of our keyword Research.
    • This is useful to find your old version license ID.
  • Do not install 8.x into same directory as your 7.x installation.
  • You can open old projects in keyword Research version 8.x.
  • You can always move old and new project files to any location.
  • You an always open projects using the File | Open project dialog.
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