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October 28, 2011

Join Our New Forum for Website Owners

Back in 2010, we launched our webmaster and website forum WebHelpForums. In the beginning it mostly functioned as a support forum for our webmaster and SEO tools such as sitemaps generator, website checker and keyword analyzer, but it quickly grew into a general webmaster forum with a broad range of topics related to running a website including SEO, SMO, PPC and many more acronyms.

While the forum moderators (psst that would be us) are pretty adamant about not accepting spam and link dropping to websites of dubious quality, it continues to be a "do-follow" forum for those people who contribute content and knowledge.

If this sounds good to you, check out WebHelpForums.net. There are many different boards including some for SEO and marketing. If you have a question burning on your mind, and you are unsure who to ask, you can get peer help at our forum from other website owners and marketers. And yes, it is also possible to market website related services in the "buy and sell" section.

Why Joining Forums Makes for Good Business

When you have a business, even if just a hobby website you wish to grow, you should always try to network with people!

Whenever you join forum that somehow relates to business, you tap into a major resource of people who have experienced things first hand. Large part of running a business these days include running a website. Thus, in addition to joining and networking in various business owner forums, you should also be joining various forums for webmasters to learn more about marketing and conversion.

When searching for relevant business and website related forums, it is a good idea to find both some local ones and global ones. It is often easier to get through in local markets which is why you should not leave this out, even if aiming for the global market within your niche.

If you are a website owner, and want to join more forums than our WebHelpForums.net, you can get started with this short list of other webmaster forums: forums.DigitalPoint.com, forums.SEOChat.com and SitePoint.com/forums.

Please notice that many of the above listed forums are also visited by business owners who can help you out with general business decisions, e.g. out-sourcing. However, for all sorts of tax, accounting etc. issues you should really find a local community to join, offline or online!

Tips for Those Starting Their Own Forum

Just a couple of quick tips based on our experience for those starting their own forums
  • Start out with only a few discussion sections until your forum grows. Then slowly increase the amount of sections until you cover all the topics you want.
  • You should also take forceful measures against automated spam since it can quickly lower the quality of the forum.
  • Take care to optimize the forum for speed since a heavily loaded forum will often give problems with webhosts.

One possible solution against both spam and server load (both usually caused by bots) is a solution called CloudFlare. However, even with this, you may need to combine multiple others to limit bots from spamming (and overloading) your forum too much.
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