Sitemap Generator Tool for Linux, BSD and Unix

Run A1 Sitemap Generator on Linux / Unix / BSD systems using WINE. Use sitemap generator on your Linux Computer!
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BSD, Unix and Linux Sitemap Generator Tool Using Wine

Even though there is no official support or native port of A1 Sitemap Generator for Linux, Unix, FreeBSD, OpenBSD etc. you can often still run and our software on your computer / operating system.

We have users confirm they can run our sitemap generator tool with no or little problems using Wine.

Minor problems you may experience:
  • Embedded browser windows may not fully work. (Not related to core functionality.)

Wine executes Windows applications by patching patch/redirecting all Windows calls to native Linux Wine libraries. (These libraries emulate same behavior as Windows libraries.) The embedded browser control can cause errors, but is not essential for tools in the sitemap generator software.

You can see a few screenshots showing A1 Sitemap Generator running on Linux using Wine below:

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