File Write, File Open and File Access Errors in Website Download

If user file access rights is restricted in your Windows installation, you will need to install our website download program correctly.
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User Accounts and File Write Access in Windows

In recent versions of Windows, limited user accounts with restricted file access have begun being common:
  • Windows XP:
    • Includes limited user accounts. Limited user accounts have restricted file and access rights.
  • Windows Vista:
    • Even admin user accounts default to restricted file write access.

With certain website download program installations this can somtimes cause errors such as:
  • EIniFileException: Unable to write to
  • EFCreateError: Cannot create file

Most file write errors occur when programs try to create or write files outside the user documents directory of the logged in user. Another possibility is that the given file causing errors is open in another program instance, text editor or similar.

Anti Virus Products Lock Files and Folders

Some anti virus products even write protect user document folders in Windows. Here is a list of know problems and solutions:
  • AVG:
    • Error:
      the requested operation cannot be perfomed on file with a user-mapped section open

      Any of following solutions:
      • Do not have Windows Explorer opened in the directory you save to.
      • Change AVG configuration:
        1. Open AVG.
        2. Configure Resident Shield.
        3. Choose Manage exceptions.
        4. In Resident Shield Directory Excludes use Add Path and select the directory you save files to.

Installing website download and Get File Write Working

With fresh installs of A1 Website Download the installer should automatically default options to correct settings, i.e. all config, project files etc. are stored in user specific directories where files can be read and written to by the website download program software.

website download program file write and access

If you have upgraded your Windows or moved A1 Website Download you may need to configure this installation option again. To learn more, check our installation help page.
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