Online Link Checker Versus Link Checker Software

Online link checkers are easy to use, but usually offer very little of the tools and functions A1 Website Analyzer has.

Standalone Link Checker Software is Better

When developing A1 Website Analyzer program, we did not want to create a link checker tool that had a limited page capacity and low link check depth. Quite the opposite, we wanted to make a fast link checker that could give lots of details about broken links and broken redirects.

This meant making an online link checker tool was not feasible. With regards to link checking functionality, this was a good decision. Most online link checkers are often very restrictive, offer no link reporting details, minimum of link checking options and fixed limits on amount of pages to check.

Above issues are usually related to the fact that online link checker services usually have to conserve server CPU, memory and bandwidth usage.

Note: Although our desktop software link checker tool is not free, we offer a fully functional free-to-try 30 days evaluation you can download.
A1 Website Analyzer
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SEO website crawler tool that can find broken links, analyze internal link juice flow, show duplicate titles, perform custom code/text search and much more.
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