Sculpt Link Juice Flow to Pages with TechSEO360

Make sure your internal links point to your important pages. A process historically also called PageRank sculpting.

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Link Juice Flow and PageRank Sculpting Explained

Have you checked if the internal links inside your website has an optimal link juice flow towards your most important pages? If not, you may want to optimize this area of your website. This website optimization process is called PageRank Sculpting by search engine optimization specialists.

The basic idea is to ensure that your internal website linking favours your important pages, and not gives an unreasonable amount of internal link juice to unimportant pages with low-relevance content such as:
  • Contact, privacy policy, legal and similar pages.
  • Social bookmarking sites.

You can control that by:
  • Removing/adding links.
  • nofollow links in code.

While the importance of this technique has lessened over time, it is still useful to see how your internal link structure pushes certain pages above other.

See Link Juice Scores for All Pages in Website

After the website crawl by technical SEO you can start analyzing which URLs are important based on internal linking in website. Some of the data you can see includes:
  • Links to external URLs.
  • Links to internal URLs.
  • Linked by internal URLs.
  • Calculated importance score.
  • Scaled importance score.

sculpt internal link juice flow in website

The importance scores are determined by weighing the power of all links and pages within a website:
  • Links passes on more juice if they originate from a page that:
    • Is linked a lot internally.
    • Contains few links to other pages.
  • Scaled importance score is logarithmic with range 0..10.
  • HTTP redirects, meta redirects, canonical references etc. all pass link juice (much like how Google algorithm pass PageRank through redirects).
  • You can find calculation options in menu:
    • Tools | Importance algorithm option: Links "reduce": If a link to the same URL is found multiple times on the same page, the "link juice" passed is decreased per each link. In addition the further down links are found in content, the less they pass.
    • Tools | Importance algorithm option: Links "noself": If a page contains links to itself, those links are ignored.

An example of importance calculations:
  1. All page URLs have internal incoming, a.k.a. backlinks, counted.
  2. All page URLs have their on-page links counted. These links can be to itself, internal on website or to external URLs.
  3. After this has been done for all pages, multiple calculation steps happen:
    • Link value on each page is calculated. Example: 50 incoming divided by 25 on-page gives each on-page link a juice value of 2.
    • Scores are now calculated for all pages based on incomming internal link juice.
    • Note: Above is an example. The specific algorithm is subject to change, e.g. multiple passes or adjustments to scoring.
  4. After this, all values are converted using a logarithm, in this example Log2:
    • Log_Base2(10000) = 13.29 exponent because 2^13.29 ~ 10000.
    • Log_Base2(1000) = 9.97 exponent because 2^9.97 ~ 1000.
    • Log_Base2(100) = 6.64 exponent because 2^6.64 ~ 100.
    • Log_Base2(50) = 5.64 exponent because 2^5.64 ~ 50.
  5. Values are then scaled to range 0..10 using linear interpolation.
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