Custom Search for Text and Code in All Website Pages

Search for code and text in your website. Find out which pages already have Google Analytics Javascript tracker installed.

Note: We have a video tutorial:

Even though the video demonstration uses A1 Website Analyzer it is also applicable for users of TechSEO360.

Custom Search All Pages in Website for Text and Code

You can configure TechSEO360 to search for text strings and patterns in your website in Scan website | Data collection.

The first task is to define or select the patterns you want to find in your website.

Notice that the entire source of all the website pages scanned are checked meaning you can search for anything including both code and text.

website custom search config

In the above example, we are searching for:
  • If Google Analytics tracker has been installed on all pages. We do this by searching for Google Analytics Javascript code.
  • If any pages in our website contain email addresses that are findable by a website crawler.

Note: While TechSEO360 comes with some predefined regular expressions for finding common text and code, you can easily add your own custom website text and code searches.

Note: You have to use the format searchvar=searchstring and add it to the dropdown list of searches performed by using the [+] button.

Tip: If you have a website that returns soft 404 error pages for URLs that should return 404 : Not found, you can use the custom search functionality to search for text and code specific to such pages.

Introduction to Regular Expressions

If you need to search for text patterns instead of raw strings, you will benefit from a basic understanding of regular expressions:
  • .+ matches any character in content one or more times.
  • .* matches any character in content zero or more times. (Rarely useful. See alternative below.)
  • .*? matches any character in content until the following regex code can match the content.
  • \s* matches all whitespaces in content zero or more times. (Meaning all spaces, if any, are matched.)
  • [0-9a-zA-Z] matches English letter or digit in content one time.
  • [^<]* matches any character except "<" in content zero or more times.
  • (this|that|the) matches "this" or "that" or "the".
  • (this|that|the)? matches like above if a match is possible, but will continue with the following regex under all circumstances.

View Custom Text and Code Search Results

If you have applied above and configured your search strings, all you need to do is starting the website search crawl. When the website scan and searches have finished, you can see how many times each search pattern was found on each page.

website custom search results

Note: To see the data column with the search results, enable visibility of it in View | Data columns | Extracted content | Page custom search.

Note: The caption of the search results data column will, depending on the product version, be either S.Content or Page.Search.Results.
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