XML Sitemaps and Pinging Search Engines

Most search engines that support XML sitemaps can be pinged and notified when the XML sitemap has been updated. This is also called XML sitemap ping.

XML Sitemap Updates Ping

Pinging search engines is something often done after you have updated your XML sitemap. Before you can send XML sitemap ping update notifications to search engines such as Google, you will usually have to submit the XML sitemap to them first.

When doing sitemaps ping, the first thing is to add all addresses you wish to notify. A1 Sitemap Generator already knows of the most popular, and you can add these using the button Add common pings. Then ping all services using the Ping now button.

When generating the URLs to ping for XML sitemaps, A1 Sitemap Generator will assume the path of your sitemap URL to be a combination of the website domain address and XML sitemap file name. Please note that if A1 Sitemap Generator does not have above information when you click the Add common pings button, it will substitute your XML sitemap path URL with a default example sitemap URL path.

Remember: You can also manually add and delete sitemap ping addresses.

xml sitemap ping - step 1

All those XML sitemap pings that are successful return response OK 200.

xml sitemap ping - step 2

After an XML sitemap ping, the service pinged, e.g. Google, will usually redownload the XML sitemap within hours.
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