XML Sitemap Validator and Google Sitemap Validation

Some people wish to validate their generated XML sitemaps using XML sitemap validator services.
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XML Schema Needed for Sitemap Validators

You can ensure A1 Sitemap Generator includes the XML necessary for validating sitemaps by enabling option:
  • Create sitemap
  • XML sitemap options
  • XML sitemap file options
  • Add XML necessary for validation of generated sitemap file(s)

xml sitemap file validation

Notice that enabling above option is only necessary if you wish to validate your XML sitemaps.

XML Sitemap Validation With W3C XML Validator

You can validate XML sitemaps using the W3C XML validator. (Just enter the location of your XML sitemap file into the text box.)

Bonus info: Certain online XML sitemap validators just wrap above W3C service. Either by:
  • Using an iframe.
  • By forwarding the request to them. (Followed by grabbing and showing the result.)

If you want alternatives, you can also try http://www.validome.org/xml/validate/ and http://www.validome.org/google/validate.

Google Sitemap Validation in Google Webmaster Tools

Things to check and make sure if Google complains when submitting the XML sitemap file:
  • Google does not accept submitting e.g. HTML sitemaps in Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Submit the sitemap as the correct type. The sitemap type you submit has to match the sitemap option selected.
  • Some people have reported it helps delete the submitted sitemap, wait a day and then submit the XML sitemap file to Google a second time making sure everything is correct.
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