Select Visible Data Columns in Sitemap Software

After website scan, sitemap builder program shows website analysis data. Before building HTML sitemaps and XML sitemaps you are advised to view this data.

Viewing and Sort All Data Extracted for All Pages in Entire Website

Knowing how to show/hide various data columns can be useful when analyzing website data.

In the View menu you can find how to hide/show different specific columns and groups of related columns.

You can switch between a flat list and indented tree view of the found URLs and related data.

sitemap builder program page titles

To specifically learn more about website link analysis in our software, see understanding links.

Want to view more data and columns after website scan than what our sitemap generator tool shows? Check this website analysis software.

Important Data Columns in Sitemap Generator Software

Data Column Description More Info Possible Values
Core data
Path Full or relative URL path
Items Found Items Count of URLs underneath the directory including itself
Response Code HTTP response code Besides HTTP response codes, this can also contain A1 Sitemap Generator codes Complete list of possible codes.
Response Description HTTP response description
A1 Sitemap Generator
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