Sitemapper Crawls Websites at Local Disk and Internet

Site mapper tool works with websites located at internet, localhost webserver and disks in computer / local area network.

Site Mapper Tool to Handle Sites Anywhere

Our sitemapper software can map sites located almost anywhere. However, while our site map program can auto adjust to scan most websites, you may sometimes need to do some configuration for successful site mapping.

Normally, you will just need to enter a path before starting the website crawl:

website path - step 1

Path type is normally set to auto detect. You can override this option if necessary:

website path - step 2

Quick presets can be used to apply different common configurations:

website path - step 3

You can also configure root path aliases and start search paths:

website path - step 4

In addition you can also configure analysis filters and output filters to further control the crawl.

Change Path When Building Sitemaps

When creating sitemaps with A1 Sitemap Generator, you can change the root domain address when building sitemaps.

localhost xml sitemap root

This allows you to crawl and create sitemaps of websites where you have a local copy on localhost or on a local disk.

For general information about getting stared with sitemaps see our HTML sitemap and XML sitemap tutorials.
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