How to Uninstall The Launcher Software

It is not necessary to uninstall old versions of our launcher software. However, all standard uninstall methods are supported.

It Is Not Necessary to Uninstall before Installing a New Version

It is usually not necessary to uninstall the Launcher software before installing the newest version.

The installer will automatically try to suggest an appropriate installation path as the default. This is based on the following:
  • If you have an earlier version installed from within the same version series, this program location can be reused. This means e.g. version 2.0.0 and 2.9.9 can be installed into the same directory.
  • If you are installing a new major version, e.g. 3.x instead of 2.x the installation directory can not be reused.

Note: The Launcher license is per user and not per computer, so you do not need to uninstall before moving Launcher and data files to another computer.

Supports All Standard Windows Uninstall Methods

Please note that support regarding this is only for non-modified distributions of our program. If you did not download our software from Microsys, reputable download site, magazine or similar, you may be using an altered software copy meaning the normal uninstall instructions may not apply.

The easiest way to uninstall is using the Windows add/remove software function found in Windows | Start | Settings | Control Panel | Add/Remove Software.

First close and exit Launcher:

launcher close and exit first

Alternatively, you can also shutdown Launcher through Windows Task Manager:

uinstall launcher control panal

When inside Add/Remove Software, search for Launcher or Microsys Laucher.

launcher uninstall add remove control panel

Note: You will often need to have a user account with administrator rights to successfully uninstall. You can configure user accounts in Windows | Start | Settings | Control Panel | Users and Passwords.

Note: You should close and exit the program before trying to uninstall it.

Note: If you can not locate the uninstall item for whatever reason, it is generally safe to simply delete the files of non-modified Launcher software releases.

Installed both Free and Pro Edition of Launcher Software

If you have installed both editions of Launcher software without uninstalling any, only the newest installation is available in Windows | Start | Control Panel | Add/Remove Software.

However, the newest installed edition either shares or automatically takes over Launcher registry settings and document file paths. This means you can easily remove the installation directory of the edition you do not want:
  • Locate the directory, e.g. using Windows Explorer, into which you installed the edition of Launcher you do not want.
  • Now delete it.

Using Launcher Software in Portable Mode

To remove Launcher when on an USB stick (e.g. for portable Launcher) or copied around on your computer, you will normally just need to remove the Launcher program directory using e.g. Windows Explorer.

However, if you have enabled/disabled the Preferences | Miscellaneous | Start Launcher in system tray option, you may need to ensure it has been disabled before removing Launcher.

uinstall launcher control panal

Getting Asked during Uninstall to Provide Feedback

A few old versions prompted users if they wanted to provide feedback during uninstall. If you have such an old version, simply select No when asked to provide feedback.
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