Various Kinds of Websites and Promotion Strategies

How you can get started building various kinds of websites and how these are usually promoted and grown, one example being "niche" specific sites.

Create Focused Niche Content Sites

Search engines love focused themed content with backlinks from similar themed sites. Throw in a good domain name in the mix, and you are ready to start ranking. When you feel you have some good traction, you can always add more "high-maintenance" content such as forums later on. (Forums for instance take quite a lot of time to maintain.)

This way you can start small with a good converting pages selling your main product or service coupled with some nicely themed articles. Easy to get started, and should you get enough incoming link juice, you can start pouring it into user generated content.

Niche websites also have the advantage that they are easy to research and create quality content for. You can research popular keywords using a keyword suggestion tool. Doing so it useful no matter if you are planning for organic SEO or go all out with paid search advertising. Your content and theme of website should match what you are trying to rank and bid for.

If you become really successful, you may even find that you can sell affiliate products or earn from adsense in your forums or articles. The important thing is to get the initial traction with a focused niche website that can rank well in search engines.
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