Spell Check Pages with Keyword Research Software

Use the built-in spell checker functionality to spell check pages in your website. Easily find spelling errors using spell checker in keyword research program.

Note: We have a video tutorial:

Even though the video demonstration uses A1 Website Analyzer some of it is also applicable for users of A1 Keyword Research.

Configure Spell Checker Dictionary Files

First you need to select which dictionary file(s) the keyword research software should use:

spell checker dictionary config

All the stop words files .stw and dictionary files .dic in the drop down list will be used.

It can sometimes be necessary to add some words to the spell checker if your website is specialized within a certain niche which uses special acronyms and similar.

You can either:
  • Find or create your own dictionary files - just have one word per line.
  • Add single words to the --custom-user.dic files.

Note: The easiest way to add new words is when spell checking single pages. Read below to see how.

Spell Check Single Pages for Spelling Errors

When viewing the source of any website page, you can also run spell checker against it:

spell check single page

If you want to add a word to your user custom dictionary file, simply highlight the word and click the Add word to "xxx--custom-user.dic" menu item.

Automated Spell Checking of All Pages in Website

Note: This feature is not supported by A1 Keyword Research. You will need to get A1 Website Analyzer for automated spell checking all pages in one website scan.
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