Add and Use Online Tools in A1 Keyword Research

The A1 Keyword Research software tool can integrate with various online tools to assist you in various website analysis and research.

Combine External Online Tools and with A1 Keyword Research

Depending on the URL, keyword etc. you have selected, A1 Keyword Research will automatically prefill parameters to various online keyword research tools giving you quick access to your favourite online research and analysis tools.

example of using the online tools

Add Online Tools for Websites, Domains, Content etc.

A1 Keyword Research can automatically build query strings to online tools and show results in an embedded internet browser. This gives easy access to online SEM, SEO, PPC, keyword and website tools from within A1 Keyword Research.
  • Location and usage:
    • Configuration files for SEO and PPC tools are located in file directory: "%AppUserDataDir%\data\research-engines".
    • A good way to learn more is to open and view the files located in the above directory.
    • For new configuration files to become available, you may need to restart A1 Keyword Research.

  • How they work:
    • The file names are used to categorize the online SEO, PPC and content tools.
    • Edit the configuration files to define behavior, e.g. website url and parameters.
    • All tools are then automatically made available and integrated using category and config information.

  • File naming conventions:
    (beginning of file name)
    • If keyword related:
      • "phrase--content--"
      • "phrase--search--"
      • "phrase--suggest--"
    • If page related:
      • "page--structure--"
      • "page--search--"
    • If domain related:
      • "domain--structure--"

- documentation and example

Define address, parameters, POST instead of GET
Field (=) Value (demonstration values listed here) Description
Name Example the name shown in program
QueryParam query tells program with which GET/POST parameter to bind data
query=link: sometimes part of the value can be inserted as well
InsertEqualSign 1 if set to 1 this will add a = after QueryParam
UrlEncodePS 0 if set to 1 this will replace %20 with + in encoded query data
Search http://search.example.com/results.aspx?query=&config=10 program uses QueryParam to insert data in path
http://search.example.com/results.aspx?config=10 program adds QueryParam parameter and data to path
SubmitPost 0 if set to 1, program will convert request from GET to POST
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