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Most of the translations available online have the program user interface and messages either almost or fully translated. If any part is missing its translation, Automation Batch Tools will automatically use en-us (English) in its place.

Note: If no language packs are installed the Lingua menu item in the top menu will be hidden.
You can install language packs by:
  • Close and exit Automation Batch Tools.
  • On Windows: Open the trans directory located in Automation Batch Tools program directory.
  • On Mac: Open Help | About... | Data to see the path to translations.
  • Find or create the sub directory matching the translation you want, e.g. en-us.
  • Download all .ini language files and the .bmp flag file into appropriate directory.
  • Start and run Automation Batch Tools. Select the language in the Lingua menu.

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If you wish to translate Automation Batch Tools to your language:
  • View the translation files in the English language pack to assess work involved.
  • Check the help page that explains how-to translate and the system used.
  • Please contact us before starting actual work on translation.

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