Application Parameters in Automation Batch Tools

Our automation tools supports command line parameters. This is useful to e.g. schedule various automation projects to run at night.

Application Parameters

  • Why:
    • It can often be useful to call other tools from e.g. batch and script files.
  • Parameters:
    • "-exit" : Application exits by itself when all jobs are done.
    • "-hide" : Application will never become visible and will also exit by itself when all jobs are done.
    • ":%project-path%" : Where %project-path% should contain the path to the project. Notice that paths with spaces have to be embedded in a pair of double-quotes " ". When Automation Batch Tools starts, it will begin "batching" the project passed to it.
  • Examples:
    • [ c:\micro-sys\Automation Batch Tools\Automation Batch Tools.exe -hide ":c:\micro-sys\Automation Batch Tools\projects\my-project.mbp" ].
  • More Information:
    • Remember that you can find "batch-logs" in the Automation Batch Tools "logs\batches\" directory.
    • Consult the documentation of the given batch / script language or tool you use.
Automation Batch Tools
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Automation Batch Tools is a tool for automation and batch processing of repetitive tasks on the computer. Automate all sorts of file and web related jobs you need to have done on many files.
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