Automate and Batch Tasks and Jobs

automate and batch various computer tasks and jobs.

Automation and Batch Setup

  • Program and batch paths
    • Be aware when you set the directory paths.
    • You do not want to run your batch against the wrong files.
    • The program defaults to only accept certain input and work directories. However, this can be turned off.

    inpurt and work path in automation tools

  • Program and batch filters
    • "Order of execution" is defined by the order of filters and modules:
      • Files that match the first listed pattern/modules are processed in first "round".
      • Files that match the second listed pattern/modules are processed in second "round".
      • ... etc.

    module and batch filters configuration

  • Program import and export
    • Various controls support both import and export of data.

    import and export data in automation tools

  • Batch progress
    • Follow progress as an automation project is executing.

    automation tools batch progress

Automation and Batch Modules

By far most modules are built-in. However, it is also possible for 3rd party to write plugin modules with custom functionality. The built-in automation modules include:
  • DeleteFiles
    Delete files with specific names.
  • ExtensionRenamer
    Rename file extensions.
  • FtpUploader
    Upload files to FTP servers.
  • ImageEffects
    Can perform certain operations/effects on bitmap images.
  • ListDirInHtml
    Generate a html "index" file that lists and links to all files and directories within a given directory.
  • ListPathe
    All paths passed can either all or conditionally be included (separated by a string such as "," or newline) and written to a designated file.
  • PathNameFixer
    Alter directory and file path names in various ways.
  • RunOther
    Use this to call third party applications with paths as parameters.
  • TextReplacer
    Search and replace text (strings) in files.
  • WebPageOptimizer
    Optimize HTML space usage often leading to output size being 20-30% smaller.
  • ZipCompress
    Compress files and folders in Zip format.
  • SendEmail
    Send emails using MAPI.
Automation Batch Tools
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Automation Batch Tools is a tool for automation and batch processing of repetitive tasks on the computer. Automate all sorts of file and web related jobs you need to have done on many files.
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